Being Human Star Tells How To Date A Vampire… And Stay Alive

By   |   January 11, 2011   |   Entertainment

Bella, Sookie and Elena have done itΓǪ These lucky gals have loved a vampire and kept their blood coursing through their veins. Now how can you make sure you don’t wind up the main course after a vampire takes you to dinner.

We asked Sam Witwer, who stars as resident vampire Aiden in the new series Being Human (premiering Monday, Jan 17 on Syfy), a few rules we should follow to keep our heads, and necks, in check when dating a bloodsucker.

Realize this relationship could lastΓǪ indefinitely. “He’s in no hurry, it could go along as long as he survives,” says Sam, who can appreciate us liking the bad boy vampire appeal. But when it comes to his breed, he advises dating someone a little less sociopathic and homicidal. “These vampires are not glamorous. They’re bottom feeders. They still have day jobs. Not being further along than you expected after all these years can shut off parts of your humanity.”

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your undead boyfriend, it’s the thought that counts. “All he really wants is to be with you,” Sam declares. (And seriously, what could you possibly buy for someone who’s lived for more than a century?) “You could offer up your neck,” Sam adds with a laugh. “He’ll really, really appreciate it.”

Keep a wooden stake handy. “While vampires are a lot of fun, you never know when they are going to lose their heads, and you might have to end the relationship prematurely,” Sam advises. “It will be a messy break up, but you will live to date another day.” Especially when it comes to dating Aiden. For his breed, drinking blood is like a form of substance abuse. “Aiden’s spent most of his life in a drug haze, if you go with the metaphor,” Sam says. “He’s a recovering addict, so we’re dealing with a guy who’s completely off his game and trying to control himself.”

Make sure when you spend the night, it’s at his place, not yours. “Don’t ever invite him to your house,” Sam warns. “He can’t come in without your permission and that way you have some place to run.” Of course, Aiden will break that rule, and “bad things happen,” Sam teases.

Realize that for vampires, having a human girlfriend is their trend. “Yes with many qualifications,” says Sam about Aiden getting his own flesh and blood GF. “It’s complicated, but that’s all I’m going to say. I don’t want to spoil it.” Hmmm, could Aiden be dating his roommate, who also happens to be a ghost? That could get messy!

Being Human premieres Monday, Jan 17 at 9 p.m. on Syfy.

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