90 DAYS TO HUSBAND No. 2! PART IV – Men Not To Date!

By   |   November 12, 2015   |   Relationships

Samantha von Sperling continues her quest to to find husband no. two, and reveals the men you should ignore if they make these dating faux pas.

There are many frustrations along the cyberdating road. Sometimes you meet what appears to be a great guy — witty and charming at first; attractive, flirtatious and starting to make you feel all girly and giddy when all of a sudden you meet his other personality. If a gentleman starts on any of the below, run!

Goes on a tirade about how much he dislikes women and dating. He claimed to be non judgmental and then launched into a rant about how women are all alike? This is a man who is comparing you to all the others he’s dated in the past instead of being opening to discovering your true potential.

Sends a text ΓǪ requesting sex! This is fine and a little naughty once you are in the relationship proper, but you haven’t even shared a meal yet? Yes, we know all men want sex (and yes, we want him to want us from moment one), but it just isn’t proper to make that request right off the bat, and not even in person. He needs to fight his urges below and get to know you first, so both your heads and libido are matched equally when you do the deed.

Ignore you for a weekΓǪ and then request sexual favors. Where was he the past six days? Probably trying to date someone else! And if he tries to reverse psychology you, texting in capitals that woman are all the same and he is certain you are “just like all the other b!%@#&s,” and that will compel you to prove him wrong . . . no way! This will not get you laid bro. Courtship is key and Divas, you deserve it.

I know, with these kind of men as your options, you may feel like giving up! Internet dating can deliver a hot bed of crazies, losers and perverts, but it can also deliver HIM. Revealing his sophistication through his words. A sense of humor that’s sharp. A voice that doesn’t grate your ears when you finally speak by phone. Even looking at him is palatable. And you are delighted by the new friendship that could become something moreΓǪ

At the end of the day it’s a time and numbers equation, a game of probability. That’s why I love my JFiix, the latest global app for Jews to date and mate. Ensuring the next generation through a swipe and match? Now that is empowerment!

So paint on you lipstick in a color called “How Many Frogs?” and log back in! There is a friend that you have not met, a man that makes you laugh and smile; is kind and generous; who is intelligent with nice manners. Your Mr. Big is out there! Take courage and continue your search!

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