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By   |   December 10, 2015   |   Fitness

Hi Divas! It’s #HOWTOThursday! It’s hard to think the holidays will be over in just a few weeks, and then it┬áwill be the new year. We know you’ll be setting goals to make┬á2016 your┬ábest yet — and we’ll be with you every step of way! It may be your year to get the body that you┬áalways wanted! Here some fun options to consider . . . and how to achieve them!

Perkier Breasts. Well first off, there is the option of getting a well-padded bra that lifts up the girls. But what if you want a more defining option?  Exercise and/or surgery may be better options as they can provide actual results. Our resident Personal trainers Helen Koya recommends a few different exercises to work on the muscles in your chest. Push-ups, seated rows and pull ups are the top recommended exercises to do. You may want to limit the amount of chest presses you do lying with your back on a flat bench. This won’t achieve the desired effect because lying down will flatten the area that you want to work on. Make sure that you go for a weight that is quite a challenge, as that is when you will start to notice a difference. For a permanent change, have you thought about breast augmentation? I know a lot of people aren’t sure about the whole process. With the right research and the right surgeon, you will be in good hands.

Great Legs. Even us brown girls can use a little color to get our legs looking great. One of the cheapest and quickest ways is to use a tanning moisturizer. When your legs appear a few shades darker, they can appear more toned and healthy. Drier skin doesn’t add for a great look, so moisturizer, applied liberally, will help hydrate your legs. Grab a moisturizer with a bronzer for your skin tone and apply it every day! Of course, there is an exercise alternative that will provide longer lasting effects. Using a step machine, or attending a step class, is brilliant for a leg workout. It will use calves and thighs so is one of the best. Other options include varied resistance cycling and everyone’s favorites, squats and lunges!

Shapely Behind. OK, so you’ve finally decided to go the Nicki Minaj route.┬áCosmetic surgery is a big option for this. You can see immediate results and will have a Kardashian-worthy behind in no time. But if this option isnΓÇÖt for you, then you need to hit the gym. Do you see female sports greats┬áwith flat behinds? They are constantly working the muscles that make it the right shape.┬áThe best exercise for a shapely butt is predominantly squats. If you are new to exercise, you will want to start off with body weight squats and lunges. Then you will want to work up to squatting with weights for a greater effect. It doesnΓÇÖt have to be boring, though. You can add kettlebells┬áto your routine┬áinstead of just a barbell, which will challenge your core and you swing it from the floor to hip height (make sure you get proper instruction so you can learn to do this properly). Do swing squats and jumping lunges too. If you hit the gym regularly, you will feel — and see — the difference in no time.


Have a great new year! Hope that it is the best one yet!

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