How To Have Sunkissed Skin For Summer!

By   |   April 29, 2018   |   Beauty

The summer is almost here, and the idea of wearing a full face of makeup in the sweltering sun might not seem lis definitely not the ideal option for a DivaGal. If you want to avoid having to put on a ton of foundation and highlight this summer, we can help you make your skin look sexy naturally. Read on our fearless foundation-free Divas!

Hydrate. The first essential thing which gives us sexy skin is enough hydration. Our skin is full of water, and the water in our skin cells keeps it looking youthful and plump. If you want to make your skin look float and healthy in the summertime, hydration is key. Make sure you drink a lot of water during the day and incorporate lots of hydrating products into your routine. A hydrating serum for dry skin can be a great way to add both moisture and vitamins to the skin, and applying a moisturizer over the top of this will seal in that moisture and keep your skin looking stunning all day long.  

Pare Down. If you currently use 20 different products on your skin every day, you need to wind things down to three or four. The only products we truly need for our skin is a good cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer. This simple four-step routine for your skincare will cut your prep time  and at the end of the day, and also will minimize the chemicals you put on your skin.

Relax. One of the top causes of bad skin is actually our stress levels. When our body becomes stressed, it releases a whole myriad of hormones and this can wreak havoc on our skin. In order to keep our skin healthy and happy throughout our lives, it is important to take time away from stressful situations and learn how to relax. The next time you have a quiet night in, grab a face mask, put your feet up and chill out!

Eat Right! Our diet has an impact on every aspect of our lives, and our skin is no different to the rest. Our skin is the biggest organ in our body and it is vulnerable to the elements as well as the ingredients we eat. Processed foods can cause our skin to clog up and become scaly, which is why we need to eat more natural foods like greens, proteins and starchy carbs. One of the best foods we can eat for healthy skin is citrus. Whether you drink lemon water in the morning, eat a grapefruit for a snack or have a glass of orange juice; this will all give us an extra dose of vitamin C which is amazing for our bodies. Vitamin C helps to form a barrier on our skin to keep bacteria away, and it also keeps the skin elastic by producing collagen, which keeps our skin strong. Make sure you eat the right foods and get plenty of vitamin C for glowing skin this summer.

Here’s to happy, makeup free skin, Divas!

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