What To Pack For An Ultimate Summer Vacation

By   |   June 16, 2016   |   Travel

Hey DivaGals, have you started to pack for your summer vacation? Whether it’s sea, sun or sand, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got some major summer must-haves. To make sure you donΓÇÖt forget anything when you are packing, weΓÇÖve created a handy checklist of summer essentials for you. Jet off on vacation with these items in your suitcase, and you’ll be ready to relax after so much hard work these past few months!

Bikini. Let’s face it, the most important item in your suitcase will be your bikini! A great bikini will make you look fabulous during your long sunbathing sessions. We all have different body types, so you will need to find a bikini set that helps to flaunt yours. Check out the selection at BIKINI.com to find a great one.


Sandals. Planning lots of beach time and also some walks around the local countryside? You will need sandals that can work with both. Thong flip-flops are great for chilling on the beach, but you may need a more durable pair for exploring. Find a pair with a thick sole and lots of straps so that your feet wonΓÇÖt rub too much. No one wants to suffer from blisters while theyΓÇÖre on vacation!

Sports Bra. You know us DivaGals love to stay in shape, especially on vacation. So you donΓÇÖt want to give completely up on your workout sessions while you are away. You don’t want it to be super hard to get back into your gym routine once you are home. But donΓÇÖt feel like you have to work out as often as you usually do ΓÇô you are on vacation after all! It still pays off to go for a couple of jogs or hit the hotel’s weight room. And to do so, youΓÇÖll need to take your sports bra with you. Check out the selection at Lorna Jane to find the right one for you.


Sunglasses. Ladies, whatever you do, don’t forget your shades! If you forget your sunglasses, you will have to face the sun shining in your eyes every time youΓÇÖre out. All that squinting could cause wrinkles and age lines to develop! There are a ton of fun options, so use them like an accessory and bring a few pairs. Check out the colorful collection from Perverse. If you already wear regular glasses, you could get some clip-on lenses. These clip over your usual pair over your prescription lenses. Of course, there are so many awesome choices for prescription sunglasses, so speak with your eye doctor about the possibilities.

Sunblock. Yes even us brown gals need sunblock! You should make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen each time you go outside into the sun. If you donΓÇÖt, you will be at risk of getting burnt, which can damage your skin and cause cancer. So pack plenty of sunscreen. Check the bottle to make sure the SPF is high enough. The lower the number, the more often you will have to keep on applying it.

This list is just the basics . . . there are a ton of other items, from PJs to your freak ’em dress, you’ll need to make sure this is a summer getaway you won’t forgot!

What’s your go-to summer essential? Share with us on our DivaGals FB page!

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