This Product Will Keep Your Period In Check (The DivaGals Tried It, Firsthand!)

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Our contributor Regan Farley discovers a new underwear line that keeps you feeling fresh — especially┬áat that time of month!

AWEST1 We’ve all experienced that messy period at the end of the sentence but often times wished we could do something about it. CEO of Bloom Undergarments Ashley West has done everything in her power to make the best out of a sticky situation.

BlackBrief Bloom Undergarments has been dubbed the modern day period panty and is dedicated to young ladies in their time of need. And we all know itΓÇÖs easy to worry less when your panties aren’t a mess!

This DivaGal had a chance to not only chat with Ashley, but also get my own pair of Boom Undergarmets, and I must say IΓÇÖll use them again.

How old were you when this idea first came to mind?

My idea started when I was 16 years old. I used a swimsuit bottom when The Dot first came because I didnΓÇÖt know what else to do. As I got older, I thought it had to be a way to make thick undergarments to deal with your monthly periods.

How exactly does your product keep you dry?

Unlike ordinary panties, Bloom Undergarments are made with Xtra Life Lycra fabric offering a true-to-shape fit, for a balance of a secure yet comfortable period. The moisture wicking fabric is made to keep you fresh and dry and it has three layers of full front-to-back lining that easily washes away stains by hand (or machine), and can support up to 1 tbs. of light leakage.


You are creating a new set of Bloom for the season?

IΓÇÖm currently creating new spring designs that IΓÇÖm super excited about; the first set was just a tester. I think us women may have dubbed 2016 as the year of the period since its no longer a taboo thing, and people arenΓÇÖt afraid to talk about it.

What advice would you give other women looking to create their own business?

Get a mentor to walk you through this because you definitely cant do it alone.

How did you stay focused with your Bloom company?

I always believed that Bloom Undergarments had to work and that I couldnΓÇÖt quit. The moment I quit is the moment someone else wins. ItΓÇÖs like sitting down at a slot machine, but letting someone else win the jackpot.

The panties will run you about $23 for a single Hipster brief and come in standard colors (red, grey, nude), and a leopard print for those who love to walk on wild side. This young CEO has a great mindset, and an amazing product, which makes her doubly GAL APPROVED!

Be sure to check out Bloom Undergarments on their website Use our DivaGal Code to get a discount! CODE: divagals10 !

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