Secrets You Need To Protect Your Tresses This Summer

By   |   June 18, 2015   |   Beauty

Hey DivaGals! This #HowToThursdays we bring you a double dose of healthy hair secrets. Come back at noon for the launch of our hair video series with celebrity stylist Falon McKinney.

There’s a lot to love about summer, but it can really mess with your tresses. With the sun, heat, chlorine and air-conditioning to contend with, it’s a battle to keep your hair looking luscious.

If you don’t want to spend the whole season with your hair getting frizzy or losing its shine and sheen, check these essential tips for keeping your locks healthy.

Start with Healthy Hair. It’s difficult to keep your hair healthy in the summer if you don’t start off with it in good condition. Get ready for the heat by making sure you’re already doing what you can to look after your hair. . If your hair is naturally dry, oily, curly or frizzy, make sure you use the right products to deal with it. Motions offers a comprehensive haircare system for natural and relaxed tresses.

Fight the Frizz. Humid heat can cause your hair to bump up the frizz factor, and damage from the sun can make it worse. The water in the air makes your hair puff up to make it extra frizzy. You can help to keep it more in control by repairing and preventing damage. Try a soothing serum to help the hair smooth out a little, or an anti-frizz product like Macadamia Anti-Humidity Finishing Spray, to tame it.

Wash Out That Chlorine. There’s no better place than the pool when it’s boiling out. But that swimming pool needs chemicals to keep it clean, and they’re not designed to be kind to your hair. Chlorine can build up in your hair and cause damage to it. Dry hair will absorb the chemicals more, so you can cap it, wet it or add products that help protect it. Using the right shampoo and conditioner will help too, and you can even get products designed for swimming.

Protect Your Head from the Sun. The sun can make your hair dry, damaged and brittle. Its intense rays can damage even the darkest of hair, and there’s no sunscreen to help you deal with it. The best way to keep your hair away from the heat is to keep it under a hat or scarf, or use a protective style such as as weave or wig. You can also use a hair product to help you protect your hair, such as ‘PhytoPlage’ Protective Beach Hair Spray.

Tackle Tough Hair Issues. Hair loss can be a major problem for women. First find out what type of hair loss you are suffering from. It can be anything from traction alopecia to alopecia areata. Once you determine the cause of your hair loss, visit for info on the right treatments to fix it.

Don’t let the summer play havoc with your hair. Take control of it and keep it healthy in during these sunny, warm days and nights!

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