Sex-Proof Your Look From Head To Toe!

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Wanna look as hot as Amber Rose when you’re naked and rolling around in the sheets? Here are our resident “sex”pert Samantha Von Sperling’s spills her secrets to a sex-proof look, from head to toe!

Start with your body. I’m currently on the M5 System developed by Michael T. Cole. It’s a meditative exercise program that firms and strengthens everything quickly and painlessly. I also use the special M5 Scrub with coconut oil, salt and eucalyptus, which promotes circulation and exfoliation. It makes my skin so soft and smooth I practically slide off my sheets! The scrub is not yet available to the public, and already I can’t get enough of it!

Next, go all out for smooth, hairless skin. If you have some cash to burn and you want a permanent solution, I suggest laser hair removal. It’s just a handful of slightly uncomfortable sessions for years of peace. For a less expensive option, try getting a professional wax job, including a full Brazilian, at one of the best places in the city to get it done:

Of course, there’s not just your body. You’ll want to get rid of any unslightly hair on your face! Jolen facial hair remover is an easy three-part system that delivers smooth, silky, hair-free skin in as little as eight minutes.

Add a little color. If you skin is a little paler than you like (yes, it can even happen to my fellow Columbians!), go for a tan that doesn’t end up on the sheets. Opt for a professional spray tan, or my preference because it’s so natural looking and fast, and it’s one less appointment I need to get to, is to stock up on Neutrogena Micro-Mist Airbrush Sunless Tan. It comes in several shades and is available at most large pharmacies and online.

A manicure and a pedicure are a must! If you’re going to be rolling around in the sheets you’ll want smooth, impeccable feet. Choose a happy color for the toes, one that complements your skin tone. On your fingers, manicure shouldn’t be too pointy or crazy ΓÇô just long enough to drag lightly down his (or her!) back. Hands are best in a neutral tone or light shimmer, topped with Sally Hansen 3D Gel Shine Top Coat for some serious shine. This is not the time for long, pointy, glittery, green fingernails ΓÇô save that for Halloween night.

Your eyes can be your best weapon of seduction. However, mascara that ends up all over the place is not a good look. Although expensive, you might consider investing in professional lash extensions. No need for mascara, and your eyelashes will be full and fluttery. A more affordable option is buying false individual lashes at and gluing in a full set one by one. Try i.Envy by Kiss Eye Lash Indivudual LUXE lashes. If one should fall, he might think it’s because you are so deep in the throes of passion (it’s tragic when you use strip lashes and they come unglued and askew as you’re trying to look irresistible!). If you have shaky hands, you can buy your lashes at Sephora and have one of their makeup artists apply them for you. In a pinch, opt for waterproof mascara. I like CoverGirl’s Lash Blast in the orange tube.

Don’t forget that the eyebrows frame the face. Get them threaded to achieve arch perfection. For extra pop get them hennaed. If you’re in NYC, try Unique Shape Threading Salon. It’s a bit of a hole in the wall but they do a great job at a decent price (212-227-1112).

Your lips should be inviting. For kissable soft lips, try exfoliating with your toothbrush and toothpaste while you’re brushing your teeth. A drop of honey with a little sugar also works wonders. Apply a stain or add lip balm to plump and smooth with a touch of clear gloss on top for shine. Nothing is sexier than a great smile. For my dazzling one, Dr. Michael J. Goldberg of Manhattan Dental Health and author of What The Tooth Fairy Didn’t Tell You, keeps my whites pearly. Crest Whitening Strips also do a nice job. For kissable breath, keep Listerine pocket strips close to your favorite spot for amour.

Now just add a drop (and JUST a drop) of your favorite fragrance, and you’re ready to pounce!

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