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Image Expert Samantha von Sperling shares her secrets to spring cleaning your life.

We celebrated Passover just over a week ago, that oral tradition over a ritualistic meal which recounts the journey from bondage to freedom. The story includes a 40-year trek through the desert before entering a new beginning with a promising future.

I love the mandatory cleaning of the home for Passover. It forces one to do a deep spring cleaning just when it’s needed most; a chance to clear out clutter, both material and mental, so we can rejuvenate our habitats just as nature does hers. Each spring is filled with new beginnings of all kinds. Mother Nature wants to shed her white fur and opt for floral prints.

Of course, as soon as one part of your life is shiny, clean and organized, it exposes the disarray that exists in all the other areas. You may feel the impulse to seize the opportunity to put everything in order, and that’s not a bad thing. It can take a while, but the end result illuminates the way for new beginnings.

Just like a long walk can clear the mind, sorting and polishing can clear both actual and mental debris, although this can be a grossly time consuming and agitating experience.

I can see why camping out in the desert for 40 years was necessary. It was the cycle of time required to cleanse the emotional grime of slavery before a new life could start.

Airing out emotions and letting go of the things that hold us back can propel us forward. Negative emotions can hold us back like paper piles on our desk can suck productivity into a black whole.

Since actions work like magic, I like to start with a two-week intense cleansing of things, people and thoughts that have dragged me down during the colder months.

I then go on 30-day plan to rebuild, rebrand and streamline everything in my life. Sometimes, it’s more intense than I anticipated, but more eye opening and rewarding than I could have imagined. Clearing a space to create opportunities is a powerful action. It’s amazing how the universe will conspire with you when you set the wheels in motion.

For me, new business arrived at my door. Deals clicked effortlessly into place. Sparkling new projects emerged, capitalizing on my 15-year journey as a lifestyle expert, seeming to crystallize right before my eyes.

Each project tackled shed light on what a mess something adjacent to it was. The only way to start fresh was to roll up the sleeves and scrub away those complications; no sweeping anything under the rug, no skipping the corners. Integrity means whole. In order to start a new chapter, the furniture must be moved to clear the dust and discover the wealth of coins underneath. Building a new life means being open to looking at things in new ways and doing things differently to yield new results.

It might feel like hell at the time but it’s amazing what power and freedom can come from deep cleaning our environment and our minds simultaneously.

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