How To Tone Thighs! Add This One Item To Your Training With Samantha Scoops!

By   |   March 31, 2022   |   Fitness

Our own Samantha Bessudo Drucker, the author of 90 Days To Husband No. 2  and a certified Scoop instructor, shares her tips!

This is my weekly update for my encore 90 Day Scoop Fit Challenge journey. Want to know how to tone thighs? Around week four, I was noticing my tighter thighs. Of course, consistent workouts and healthier eating lead to a more toned body, but what else did I add to my routine? This little baby right here!

It’s a resistance band! Now, this may not seem like a challenging piece of workout equipment, but strap this little baby around your thighs and squeeze them outwards. Now you are feeling it! A resistance band helps to build muscle by incorporating your stabilizing muscles and adds extra intensity to your ride.

This week I lost 1 LB! That is exactly what I want. Not a flimsy quick fix, but timely consistent, sustainable weight loss over time. A loss of a pound a week is perfect. The first couple of weeks the loss was just water weight, then I went on vacation and continued training but my diet was a little more relaxed.

This week a pound of actual weight was lost. Water, sleep, veggies, cut out carbs, and saved the glass of wine just for a friend’s birthday as opposed to more frequently. Voila! On track for the spring! Live free classes on Scoop Fit Live help with added support and motivation.


I teach twice a week but I like to take all the classes, anytime my schedule permits. My favorite way to Scoop is while watching a movie or binge-watching a few episodes of a favorite show.


Commit to getting stronger and more fit with the ScoopFit Lateral training apparatus. It’s designed to up your cardio output while protecting your hips and joints. Samantha’s on a 90-day fitness challenge to get in the best shape!


Want a Scoop of your own? contact Samantha at for details!


Get the latest on her weight loss challenge below. Take live Scoop classes with Samantha on Tuesdays at 9 a.m. ET and Thursdays at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. ET on the ScoopFit – Live Facebook page.


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