I Gave Myself A Hair-Strengthening Treatment With ApHogee. What Happened Next Is Ridiculous!

By   |   August 12, 2020   |   Beauty

Hello Divas! I’ve been on a journey to help my hair grow in 2020, which means trying just about anything. Like taking hair pills. And studying DIY moisturizing treatments online. But there is one thing that I had been putting off… until now. Giving myself a hair-strengthening treatment.

What does that mean? It means adding protein back into the hair that was stripped away, which makes the hair damaged and porous and leaves our natural curl pattern without shape and bounce. It helps balance the hair back to a healthy pH range, making it stronger and less prone to breakage. Sign me up.

I turned to the ApHogee Hair Strengthening Kit. Touted by curly gals all over YouTube, the company’s newest formula it uses the same technology, but doesn’t need heat to activate its magic, making it easier to use.

I first washed my hair with a sulfate-free shampoo to rid it of any lingering products. Using the ApHogee Hair Strengthening Kit from start to finish should only take about 15 to 20 minutes minutes. You apply STEP ONE to all areas of the hair, from roots to tips and let air dry about 10 minutes, though I admit I left my on for about 25. This kit doesn’t use added heat, though I did put on a plastic cap to let my body’s natural heat help it penetrate. It didn’t make my hair hard as has been recorded in the past, but it did get a little crunchy around my shorter strands.

I then did a thorough water rinse and got ready to apply STEP 2, the moisturizer. This only needs to be left one for a minute (I left mine for 5) to help place back in the moisture my hair so desperately craves. Some ladies like to add another deep condition treatment after this step, but it isn’t necessary.

My hair definitely felt different after the treatment. It was softer and smoother and the strands looked a little more defined. A few days later when I blew dry it, it was a lot easier to do and the strands felt like they were drying  quickly without a lot of tugging (though I’ll admit, again, I’m in need of a good trim!).

If your hair looks damaged and your curls aren’t poppin’ — I say give ApHogee a try. Available on Amazon.

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