In Praise Of Toned Arms!

By   |   July 14, 2015   |   Fitness

It’s #TransformationTuesday, ladies — let’s get #DivaliciouslyFit!

We DivaGals are in a little bit of an uproar over The New York Times’ recent article on tennis players trying to keep their arms from bulking up. Please! Serena Williams looks absolutely fabulous with her ripped biceps and triceps ΓÇô we say wear those sleeveless tops with Diva-licious pride!

Inspired by her shapely form, we turned to Darrin Hickok, master trainer at Mercedes Club NY, to give us three of his favorite at-home moves to tighten and tone our arms — after all it IS summer, and our bikinis await. Do 12 to 15 reps of each move in three sets for maximum benefit.

sculpted arms_001
BICEP CURLS. To get sculpted biceps, stand tall with knees slightly bent, abs contracted and shoulders pressed down, with two dumbbells in your hands at your sides.

sculpted arms_002

Exhale, and bring the dumbbells up to your shoulders, careful not to swing your elbows. Inhale as you slowly lower the weights back down to your sides.

sculpted arms_004

TRICEPS PUSH-UP. Work the back of the upper arm with this hot move! Come to the floor with your knees on a towel or mat, and your hands a torso distance apart right underneath your shoulders (your body should make a triangle shape from your shoulders to your knees to the floor). With elbows pointing backwards, exhale and lower your body until your hovering just inches from the ground.

sculpted arms_006

Hold for a beat and then push yourself back up using your triceps strength. Too easy? Bring your hands closer together? Still more of a challenge? Try doing it in full push-up position (that’s on your toes!).

sculpted arms_007

OVERHEAD SHOULDER PRESS. Work those deltoids with this hardcore press. Stand tall with knees slightly bent and abs contracted. Hold two dumbbells in either hand, weights parallel to your head, elbows pointing to the floor.

sculpted arms_008

Exhale and push the weights over your head, leaving the slightest bend in your elbows at the top. Inhale and bring the weights back down to starting position.

Enjoy your sexy, sculpted arms!

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photo credit: Instagram, Amanne Media Group

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