INSPIRATION GAL Inspired By … the Beatles: Love Is All You Need

By   |   December 19, 2011   |   Diva Mom, Entertainment, Relationships

Inspiration Gal does it again with the help of The Beatles … just in time for the holidays!

The Beatles were asked to come up with a song containing a simple message that could be understood by people of all different nationalities. They came up with “All You Need is Love.” The chorus is a simple profound chant:

“All you need is love … All you need is love …┬á All you need is love, love; Love is all you need.ΓÇ¥

How does it feel when you hate something or somebody? Is it a good feeling? How could it be a good feeling to be mad and vengeful? Contrast that to how it feels to be loved or to be in love? I would pick love over anger or hate any day.

Remember, you choose your emotions. You choose to be happy, sad, hateful or loving. Why pick an emotion that doesn’t make you feel good? The next time you feel hateful towards something or someone remember love. Think (and it may be hard) of all the good things about that person, place or thing.

At first you might think there is nothing good about it, but once you think of one good thing, others will follow. Wrap whatever you hate in loving thoughts. Mentally choose to love it regardless of how horrible it may be.

Even if it does not improve your relationship, it will keep you from feeling mad and vengeful. Feeling negative towards someone doesn’t hurt them, it only hurts yourself. So give them love; after all, it’s all any of us need.


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