INSPIRATION GAL: Rebuild Your Ant Hill; Rebuild Your Life!

By   |   April 9, 2012   |   Diva Mom, Entertainment, Relationships

There is one thing in life I am really afraid of — fire ants. Being a Northern girl I had no concept of a fire ant until I moved to the South. Unlike the benign sugar ant in the North, fire ants bite AND sting. Their powerful string can have serious complications, from swelling and a quarter size blister to death.

They live in ant built fire mounds that are sometimes as high as two feet tall and three feet wide. When I’m feeling brave, I will jam a large stick in the middle of the mound and knock off a few inches. The ants will scurry around and I will go on about my day. The next day the mount will be there exactly as it was before. I have seen neighborhood children stomping mounds until they are flat. The next day, the mound it is exactly as it was before being destroyed.

As much as I hate and fear the buggers, we can learn a lot from fire ants. When their home is destroyed and their friends killed, they keep going. They don’t let tragedy or set backs stop them. They don’t have ant pity parties! They start fixing the problem STAT! They work all through the night to rebuild their home and their life.

When someone stomps on your dreams or tries to knock you down, remember the ants. Nothing stops them, and if you get that attitude in your head right now, nothing can stop you either!

photo credit: DreamWorks

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  1. joe
    Sunday, April 13th, 2014
    I am trying to rebuild my life after pain medicine addiction. I don't know how to do it yet, I am scared to be honest with you and not having any friends still doesn't make it any easier. (If you want to read about how it is going, I am writing a blog about it at )
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