Stop. Procrastinating… Now!

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We all do it… Putting off that chore or project until the very last minute. Even the most disciplined of us can procrastinate about a task or a certain area of our life. Here are three simple steps to help you overcome procrastination.

1. Make this your motto: “Never put off on tomorrow what you can do today, because tomorrow may rain…” I went to college in a suburban town where the nearest bank was about two miles away, and the nearest bus stop was three miles away. You had to walk a mile to even get a Happy Meal and a trip to Walmart, forget about it! I needed money to attend a function on Friday night. My original plan was to walk to the bank on Thursday. Thursday was a beautiful sunny day and all I wanted to do was hang out with my friends and enjoy the weather. I decided I would go to the bank on Friday. Friday it rained. I walked to the bank in the pouring, wet rain wishing I had made the trip in yesterday’s sun. So when you think about putting something off until another time, remember the present time is likely the best time to do the task because you simply do not know what tomorrow will bring.

2. Tackle the big green monster first! At work we have a habit of putting off the worse task, or as I like to say “the big green monster,” until the end of the day. What happens then? Five o-clock rolls around and it is time to go home. The next day you plan to finish the project but the same thing happens. Finally, you have to stay late to get the project done, or worse, it never gets done and your boss chews on your ass. Here is the solution: Do the worse task of the day first. Once you are finished with that task, the rest of the day is like peaches!

3. Reward yourself. We train dogs by giving them a treat when they are good. Treat yourself the same way. When you find yourself not procrastinating about projects where in the past you might have, reward yourself. Maybe treat yourself to ice cream, a manicure or (if you skipped the ice cream) a new dress.

Remember, the biggest reward of not procrastinating is knowing that what ever you needed to do is done!

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