INSPIRATION GAL: Turn A Bad Decision Into a Good One!

By   |   February 4, 2013   |   Diva Mom, Entertainment, Relationships

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Have you ever felt like you made a bad decision? It could be something simple, like deciding to buy cherries. The other day I had a craving for cherries, and they were on sale at the grocery store. ItΓÇÖs February and I know cherries are not in season, but they were a good price and they looked delicious through the plastic bag. Once I got them home, I realized they were in bad shape. They had pock marks on them and were not sweet.

My first reaction was why did I buy these cherries knowing they were not in season. I felt it was a bad decision and I found myself getting upset.

When I find myself lamenting over bad choices, I realize there are two ways I can look at the situation. The easy way is to say, ΓÇ£That was so stupid; I knew I should not have bought them! Now IΓÇÖm out $7 (for FRUIT), and the one I ate will probably give me dysentery! ThatΓÇÖs what I get for trying to be healthy!ΓÇ¥ You focus on the ΓÇ£badΓÇ¥ decision, and if you are not careful, you can start rationalizing every decision in your life as ΓÇ£bad.ΓÇ¥

I want to share something very powerful with you. If you heart is in the right place, you cannot make a bad decision. When you question your decisions, I want you to first analyze your heart and your motive. Was my heart in the right place when I bought those cherries? Did I have any malintent with the cherries? Well I certainly was not going to buy the cherries to poison anyone, so my heart was in the right place!

Great, my heart was in the right place, but it still seemed like a bad decision since they were basically inedible. At that point, you have to think about all the reasons buying these cherries were the right decision. You may have to get creative, but think of it as a fun game. Here is an example:

While buying cherries…

1. I saw that next to the cherries, some apples were on sale. I bought some and they were delicious. I would have never experienced the joy of the apples if they were not next to the cherries.

2. I saw an old lady who looked like my grandmother who passed years ago. Seeing her face made me smile.

3. Taking time to buy those cherries and apples, I avoided traffic on the thruway.

4. I realized the color of the cherries was the exact the color I want to paint my living room.

5. There was man picking out cherries next to me and he looked sad. I smiled at him and he smiled back. Maybe that was the pick me up he needed to help him get through his day.

6. I learned something new. Don’t just rely on what you see through the plastic bag. Examine the cherries individually before you buy them … or go to the Farmers Market.

Have fun with it. Let you imagination run wild with the good reasons you did something instead of all of the bad. Train your mind to see the good in everything and everything in your life will be good!

Inspiration Gal

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