Kareem + Tisha: A Real-Life Love Story Of How They Got Engaged!

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Hey DivaGals! Please allow us to make introductions to Kareem and Tisha, a young couple who found love … and knew just what to do with it! Read their story and weep your own tears of joy!

Remember a time before taking your shot in a DM, when you actually had to muster the courage to approach someone and spark a conversation? This archaic practice sparked something worth sharing.

It was a summer night in 2006 and I was out doing what most people our age were doing, partying. I spotted her amongst a group of her friends that were cool with one of my friends, I asked for the customary assist, at the time we called it a ΓÇ£bounce pass.ΓÇ¥ Her response being the wise-ass IΓÇÖve grown to love was ΓÇ£your friend doesnΓÇÖt speak?ΓÇ¥ At the time I would say that I was a super confident, but for some reason, she made this big guy shy. So, I walked over to her to converse, the general questions followed how old are you, whatΓÇÖs your nationality, do you party often? After a short conversation ΓÇ£can I get your number or aim contact?ΓÇ¥ I asked because back then everyone had a sidekick. Her response ΓÇ£Send me a message on MySpaceΓÇ¥. Curve!! I remember thinking to myself ΓÇ£this girl canΓÇÖt be serious!ΓÇ¥ My persistence would not allow my ego to live with that wound. That same night at around 4 a.m. I sent her a message, thirsty right? LOL. So after I sent her that MySpace message, she curved again with a generic message. However, God had a different plan and after a few MySpace conversations and a few chance run-ins, she eventually gave me her aim name to hit her on her sidekick. Every morning I would send her a good morning text and a smiley face, this was my way into softening up her tough exterior.

After a few months of entertaining conversation and courtship, we went on our first date the day was Jan. 13, 2007 to the Roosevelt Field Mall Grand Lux Café which had recently opened in the area. This date is the day she said she realized that she actually liked me, I mean what is there not to like? There was a memorable moment from this restaurant experience, upon ordering the waitress asked us to pre-order our dessert as it takes about 45 minutes to prepare. I chose the molten chocolate cake because I love chocolate. After a wonderful dinner our dessert arrives and as we cut into it, the cake literally explodes and hot fudge oozes out, we are both not thrilled because it wasn’t what we had expected but it would be something that we remember throughout our dating experience. Two months later March 3rd we were “officially” dating, the beginning of a whirlwind romance filled with ups and downs, and challenges.

The next couple of years we continued to grow and push through together. We wanted to both be great partners and eventually parents, understanding what we felt made a solid foundation we decided we would further our careers. The old cliché “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.” The two of us put some plays in motion and after becoming a Registered Nurse she is pursuing a career as a Nurse Practitioner, as I complete a Masters in Education/History. I mean we are not the Huxtables but we enjoy the career choices we chose.

With the stability we were beginning to enjoy I had this great idea that I would propose to her on our nine year anniversary March 3, 2016, great idea right? Knowing her so well I went and picked out the perfect ring — a round solitaire, simple, and classic but makes a statement. Knowing that I had class that night we didnΓÇÖt make any plans, as she thought we would celebrate on the weekend. I texted her from class and told her to meet me at that same Grand Lux. We sat had a conversation with the server who asked us about dessert and we both laughed so hard. The server was confused, so we explained how nine years earlier we had a date in the same restaurant and had a horrible experience with the molten cake. This dinner was fun we laughed, we reminisced, we enjoyed one anotherΓÇÖs company at the place of our first date. We spent the date the way we spend most of our days together, IΓÇÖm not trying to be sappy or anything, looking back at the day I was super nervous and fidgety, wish I had a fidget spinner then. Consciously I knew that I wasnΓÇÖt going to purpose to her at the Grand Lux, no offense to them but that wasnΓÇÖt the place I had in mind. I always told myself it would be intimate proposal between the Lord, her and me. I told her to wait for me in front of the house because I drive slower than her. When I arrived we sat and talked some more in my car, and we walked out towards the house and I began to explain to her how much she meant to me. While going through my elaborately long speech of how she was important to my growth and how I couldnΓÇÖt imagine life without her, I begin to drop to one knee and this sap starts crying.

By the way, she said yes.

In this generation where everything is based on instant gratification, we took our time. Ten years later we are here at last. Over those 10 years we continued to celebrate our love for one another. We are dedicated to that love, and we worked on strengthening that love every day. The hashtag #AtlastAgoro is a culmination of the last 10 years filled with our desires to be joined in holy matrimony. It is a story of the perseverance we both experienced on this journey. ΓÇ£Indescribable is the only adjective that comes to mind when asked to characterize our love,ΓÇ¥ she says. Meeting in a club of all places can explain why this marriage of ours couldnΓÇÖt have been anything but a huge celebration.

In early July 2017 we will be having a Traditional Nigerian Engagement Ceremony followed by a Traditional Wedding where we have invited over 500 of our closest friends and family. At last we will be husband and wife, our love is beautiful with all its greatness and flaws itΓÇÖs a perfectly imperfect love. We couldnΓÇÖt be more or less of anything. This is our love.




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