Kingsman: The Golden Circle Is The Movie You MUST See This Weekend!

By   |   September 22, 2017   |   Entertainment

If youΓÇÖre looking for a wild, nonstop 2 1/2 hour ride, you need to hop right to Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The second installment in what weΓÇÖre sure will be a long-running action franchise picks up with Eggsy, now a full-fledged Kingsman, putting his extraordinary fighting skills to work in the first 30 seconds of the film (as much as we love a man in a uniform … we also go crazy for a sharp dressed man – and in Kingsman they are all dapper, dreamy and dangerous!).

An unforeseen hand (literally) leads to the destruction as Kingsman as we know it, which forces Eggsy and brainy tech Merlin to head to Kentucky, USA ΓÇô where it’s revealed thereΓÇÖs a good ΓÇÿole American compadre to Kingsman: a few new American gentlemen cowboys known as Statesman. And that’s a good thing. Another crazed (but incredibly smart) degenerate is out to control the worldΓÇÖs destiny, and SHE has to be stopped by any means necessary.

You never expect a sequel to be as good as the first, but Kingsman 2 exceeded our expectations! The movie is filled with action, drama and heart. There are lots of fun one-liners paying homage to the first film. We felt like we were watching three films there are so many action twist and turns, but the pace never lagged.

ItΓÇÖs no surprise that incredibly handsome #WBWD Colin Firth is back ΓÇô we wonΓÇÖt ruin the how and why of his resurgence ΓÇô and a few new faces join the fray. That includes Halle Berry as an American-female version of Merlin. And Pedro Pascal, who weΓÇÖre convinced is the love child of Burt Reynolds and Jeremy Renner, who plays a Statesman with his own special set of skills. But it’s iconic musician Elton John who steals this show.

TV DivaGal took her mom to our preview screening – and she wants to round up all her friends to go ΓÇô which means Kingsman 2 appeals to all generations, and you’ll want to see it a second time! We suggest leaving the littlest of little ones at home due to some violent scenes and not-so-subtle sexual situations.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle, now playing nationwide.

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