Labor Of Love’s Stewart Gill Explains Why It’s OK He Didn’t Get The Girl (And Why He Had To Ask THAT Question!) – A DivaGals Exclusive!

By   |   July 17, 2020   |   Entertainment

In the season finale of Labor of Love on FOX, Kristy Katzmann chose Kyle Klinger (who Kristy has already split from), leaving behind financial wealth management CEO Stewart Gill and a ton of viewers scratching their heads over her decision. Is she delusional? Well, of course, the DivaGals had to get some serious answers, so we rang up Stewart to find out exactly what went down.

After chatting about HBCUs and The Divine Nine, Stewart shared he has no regrets over doing the show or its ultimate outcome. For this gentleman among gentlemen, it’s all an opportunity to grow into a better version of himself!

Read on to learn why Stewart did the show, how he felt during his elimination and why he had to ask Kristy that question about raising a biracial child.

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You’ve got the looks, the brains, the great career, mature friends, amazing family, you’re ready to get a house – and you’re not the man who got the girl. What the heck happened?

I thought about it. Kristy and I were having deep conversations to check off boxes and then watching her and Kyle there, there was that chemistry and that’s undeniable. If it was a simple as checking boxes, I could have been married a long time ago. I’m also a hopeless romantic where there’s that one piece, and you don’t know what it is, but once you have it, you have it. With her and Kyle, the last man standing, there was that spark. You’re always hurt whenever you’re rejected, I’m not going to lie, but looking back, the experience was amazing, and we just weren’t meant to be.

What was going through your mind at that moment where she ended things?

I got very good at understanding scenarios and there were a lot of cameras in the room — so I thought I’m about to get eliminated. I had an idea it was coming. I’m always open to coaching and I looked at it as an opportunity for her to express how she felt about me. I was so proud of her to make a decision that was based on her heart and desire versus “I want to be with Stewart because he checks all my boxes.” So to be honest, it kind of sucked, but it was also, “okay good. You’re not my person. I’m not your person. That means that my person’s out there.” I was thankful if that makes sense.

Why did you want to do the show and how do you feel about the experience?

Truthfully, I didn’t want to do the show. I was on a dating app and was trying to find love in a modern-day way and I swiped right on a casting director. I had already opened myself up to online dating, so I viewed this as a higher level of matchmaking. For me now my forties, the first conversations I have with a woman are very focused on what do you want life to look like, can we start seeing a life together? I really try to visualize on a first, second or third date what a life would look like and can we have those conversations. There were 15 guys there, and I thought about how long it took for me to go through the process; it was about six to eight months. So I could only imagine what the woman they picked was going through. She would represent a level of what I’m looking for. So I said yes ultimately.

You asked Kristy how she would feel about having a biracial child. 

All the questions that are taboo on the first date like religion and politics, that was on the board. We’re older now so we can’t waste time and act like this doesn’t happen. The baseline for me was to see if Kristy was open to having a conversation. If she just said “No, I don’t talk about it,” — that’s not how I want my partner to be. We can have different viewpoints, but can we communicate about difficult situations together? I believe in total transparency and it was, “Kristy, I’m black, have you noticed that?” It was important to ask have thought about it and what are your thoughts. What happens if our child experiences racism or discrimination based on ethnicity? Of course, being a black man, I can understand that directly.

Why was it an important question to ask and for her to answer?

I’ve dated all across the board: black women and white women and everything in between. In the past, there has been an expressed concern and fear that some wouldn’t be able to relate to a child that was going through racism. That’s valid, but the truth is as children get older they’re going to experience cyberbullying and so many other experiences, race discrimination is just one of those things. Ultimately we choose how to raise our children, to love everybody for who they are as an individual, but we also have to prepare them that not everyone else is raised the same way.

Stewart has a lot more to say about what he’s learned about himself as a future father, who he’s dating now and yes, the deets on that dream house! Read our exclusive interview Part II!

photo credit: Quantrell Colbert/FOX


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