LOVE DIVA: Three Top Spots to Meet Men in NYC!

By   |   August 21, 2013   |   Entertainment, Lifestyle

Once again, we turn DivaGalsDaily over to professional matchmaker Erika Christensen of, whoΓÇÖs giving us major hints on how to find Mr. Right!

“Where have all the good men gone?” is a common refrain we hear from girlfriends, the media and–in our weaker moments–our own heads. But we DivaGals know that the perfect man is never going to come banging on our door while we’re sitting on the couch watching Scandal (unless he’s the handsome UPS man!). So in the spirit of taking fate in our own hands, here are a few spots not often considered when fishing for the right man.

1. The SUBWAY!
This is going to be an obvious suggestion coming from me since I make my living as a subway matchmaker (, ya’ll!). But the wonders of the subway cannot be overstated. Where else do you get the chance to be in close quarters with your fellow NYCers, 5.4 MILLION on an average weekday, many of whom are male, single and datable. So when a handsome fellow catches your eye, say hello! What’s the worst that could happen? Remember, the NYC subway is not the number one location of Craigslist Missed Connections for nothing!

2. Sports Bars during important, high-stakes games (bonus for NY teams!)
Even dudes who are not necessarily into sports hang at sports bars with their friends and especially during the playoffs or finals of any sport. Why? Because generally sports bars are laid back, casual and serve chicken wings, thoroughly dude approved. It helps if you narrow down what you’re looking for. Like international guys? Try a Brazilian soccer bar during major soccer tournaments, such as Beco Bar in Greenpoint. Like slightly scruffy and hipster-but-masculine types? Hit Berry Park (pictured) in Williamsburg during football season. Looking for a more diverse, professional type of man? Check out Harlem Tavern in Harlem during any season. They show all the big games and boast a large patio, both of which are major man bait!

3. CrossFit/Runners Clubs/Co Ed Teams
I admit that this method is much more work. But getting healthy with someone is a great way to get to know them! “I already take yoga three times a week!” you might be thinking. Sorry girlfriend. Guess where the single boys are not hanging out in droves? Ditto for Pilates. There’s a reason CrossFit has a reputation as the new best way to find a date, because there are BOYS THERE. Besides all of the endorphins that are pumping through your veins and into your heart, you and your fellow CrossFitters are meeting goals together which is exciting and attractive! AND you’ve proven that your health is important to you, which is a sexy quality for sure. See also the North Brooklyn Runners, New York CoEd Soccer (I personally know at least three couples who met playing soccer), and the New York Social Sports Club which offers pretty much any team sport imaginable.

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