My Antonio: Exclusive Finale Interview!

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At the end of the search <br> credit: VH1

At the end of the search
credit: VH1

Tonight’s a big night for Antonio Sabato Jr.

On his VH1 series, My Antonio, he has to choose between Brooke and Miranda.

But what we want to know is if Antonio really believed he could find love on a reality dating show.

TV DivaGal talked to the soap hottie to get you the answers.

So it’s between Brooke and Miranda. Do you have a thing for blondes?

It just turned out to be that way. They are completely different people with different backgrounds. But they are both fun to hang around. They’re always happy and smiling and full of jokes of life.

Did you know that your ex-wife Tully was going to return and try to win back your love?

That was a total surprise. I hadn’t seen her in so many years, and that made it more interesting. It was a hell of a roller coaster.

Why did you let her go the second time around?

I’m so happy that she was there because we were able to close down a chapter in our lives. I’ll be a close friend to her forever. We made peace with each other, and I got to know her on a different level. But as far as moving forward with a relationship, it just didn’t go that route.

A lot of people go on reality shows to further their acting careers, not to find love. Are you concerned that Brooke’s or Miranda’s feelings may not be genuine?

There’s some truth to that belief, absolutely. Hopefully I was able to see through the ones that were there for the wrong reasons, and the ones that were there for me.

Were you surprised to see how the women acted when you weren’t around?

Oh, yes, believe me. It actually would have been great if I had been able to seen what was taped, and then make my decision. I got to know them a lot more watching the show.

Who was the best kisser?

They’ll all pretty good. (Laughs) Brooke probably would be the one, but Jessica too.

How often does your mom influence your dating decisions?

She never has, but I thought it would be interesting to see why she likes this person or doesn’t. Some people thought my mother was too harsh at times, but she was asking the right questions. Some thought it was strange to see a 37-year-old man close to his mom. That shows how messed up our society is if a person can’t be close to his mother after his teenager years. She and I are very close.

Would she like to see you remarried?

I think any mom would like to see her son married. She definitely does, but she wants me with the right person too.

Will you remarry someday?

Yes, absolutely.

Did you believe you really could find love going into the show?

I was very skeptical. Finding love in any way is difficult, but I thought, why not go on adventure, have fun and show a different side of myself.

Did your mind change during the process?

I wasn’t doing the show to get married. I just wanted to see if I could find someone I could click with and start a relationship with. It went great and at the end of the production, it came to be a pretty good damn show. I certainly have no regrets about doing it.

How do you keep your body so stacked?

I go to Team Platinum Gymnastics, and I’ve been training for about a year. I don’t lift weights anymore. I use my own body weight in different ways.

Can your dimples be cloned?

I guess. Take a mold!

My Antonio, season finale, airs Sunday, Oct. 25 at 10 p.m. on VH1.

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