Natural Secrets You Need For Getting Gorgeous Hair (Eggs! Co-Wash! Air Dry!)

By   |   August 31, 2017   |   Beauty

Divas! Are you spending a heck of a lot of money on pricey hair products, but your hair still isn’t slayed? Sometimes the ads we see for hair products are over exaggerated – yo, we need the products to work! With so many chemicals in hair products, the products themselves could actually be making your hair worse than before. So what is the solution? Well,┬áIt could be time to mix things up a little!

Why not look for more natural products to use on your hair? There are many out there, including this list of sulfate free shampoos for damaged hair repair. They will still get your hair clean, but they will give your hair a much-needed boost, rather than strip the natural oils from your hair. Second of all, there are certain things you can be doing (and even eating), that can help your hair to be in better condition than it is now. But where to start? Here are some natural hair care tips that you can try (and holla over the ones that work for you!).

Beat Some Eggs.┬áNot only are eggs full of protein when you eat them, they can also be used as a hair mask to be applied directly to your hair. For dry and brittle hair, egg whites are a great treatment to use. Use a whisked up egg – including the yolk is optional – and apply to clean dry hair. Leave it for around fifteen minutes and then rinse your hair with water. Remember to use cool water so that the eggs donΓÇÖt begin to scramble!

Avoid Hot Showers. As nice as a hot shower might be, it can actually be quite damaging to your hair, as well as your skin. Hot water will make your hair dry as it will open your hair follicles completely, meaning that the natural oils in your hair can get stripped. So choose a water temperature for your showers similar to body temperature.

DonΓÇÖt Wash Your Hair Every Day. Ok┬áDivaGals,┬áif you are wearing extensions, you prolly aren’t getting under the water every day. Because if┬áyou do wash your hair every day, then it can make your hair drier than before. When you wash your hair less often, it will help to maintain your natural oils and give your hair back its natural bounce and volume. And if you feel the need to wash it every day, you may want to co-wash your hair, which means “conditioner-only┬áwashing-┬áskipping shampoo and relying solely on conditioner. The result is something between squeaky-clean and second-day┬áhair that is, smoother, softer and easier to manage.

Protect From Heat.┬áWhether your hair is damaged from heat products like hair dryers or is heat damaged from the sun, you need to use a heat protector or an intense hair mask afterward so that it can repair. Using honey, olive oil, and egg yolk, you can make a good hair mask that will repair your hair from sun or heat damage. Mix, leave on your hair and then rinse off – no chemicals in sight! Also try styles that allow you to air dry your hair, like twists and braids. Once your hair or extensions have fully dried, you’ll have a cool wavy or twisted look.





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