NBC TV PRESS TOUR SUMMER ’19 – Meet Perfect Harmony’s Tymberlee Hill!

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NBC’s newest comedy Perfect Harmony brings a melodic cast of characters together as they try to get their church choir in tune! Comedian Tymberlee Hill (pictured far right) stars as Adams Adams and our Divalicious correspondent Dennis Pastorizo got all the scoop on Tymberlee’s new role – read it below!

Tell us about your character.

My character’s name is Adams Adams. She is the richest woman in town. She owns the diner and she has sort of self-dubbed herself as the leader of their choir. She’s sort of a warbling Soprano. You know that person in your choir. Every church choir has that woman who’s not really a Soprano, but always sings up really high and has like an almost like a tragic vibrato. That’s me.

You come from an improv background. Do you get to do any of that on this show?

Oh, they are really good about that. First of all, it’s really well written. A lot of times people think that we’ve done some improvisation and really we’re doing the lines. But after we do one or two takes of anything, Leslie will say, “Whatever, whatever, go at it, go at it.” And we do! And everybody does it. This is one of those casts where nobody’s afraid, even people who haven’t done improv. You know, sometimes people look like a deer in headlights if you say something to them that’s not in the script. And they’re like, “Why are you trying to mess me up?” But not this group. If you say something, everybody goes with it!

Is there a song that you really liked that you got to do on this show or that you’re still itching to do?

Well, I get to sing Queen. I mean, I get to sing “We Are the Champions.” I sing Freddie Mercury — I love Queen, love Queen. And what would be the circumstance in my life where I would sing Queen for anyone, anywhere? I got to do it here. It was really emotional. I was so hyped, too hyped.

As an actor, your body is your instrument. What kind of fitness advice do you have for our readers?

Just make sure that you walk. You have to move. You don’t have to do weights. You don’t have to starve, but you do have to move for 30 minutes a day. Go to a treadmill. Pick the route in your neighborhood that’s safe and time it out. Make sure that you walk. A body in motion stays in motion and if you get your body up and moving it’ll burn fat for you all day. You don’t have to do a whole bunch of extra. I mean really and truly. And if you’re out of shape that’s a great way to start. Walk 30 minutes a day.

Tells us about where you’re from and what places would you recommend visiting?

Well, I’m from Virginia Beach, Va. And I would recommend you go. But not during the summertime when it’s super touristy. I would say go during the off-season when you can have the beach to yourself and you can have one of the nicest rooms on the waterfront for like a hundred bucks. You’ve got the whole strip which they’ve completely redone. They’ve taken down everything. They’ve made it beautiful. It’s a little homey because it’s like all matching benches and matching lights now, but it’s beautiful and I would suggest anybody go. I love Virginia Beach. And it’s also the largest resort city in the U.S.

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