NEW MOM! Work Out Down South!

By   |   July 26, 2016   |   Diva Mom, Fitness

Travel Week goes to Eastern Georgia to work out with New Mom!

Hey DivaGals. ItΓÇÖs been a while since we spoke. My boy is almost 15 months old! HeΓÇÖs up and running around, which means itΓÇÖs time for me to get my endurance and strength up (little man is getting big and heavy to carry!).

I live in Eastern Georgia, which means the weather is nice most of the year. So I definitely take advantage. One of my favorite workouts is hiking with my little man. There are parks, tracks and lakes which offer a change of scenery so my little one doesnΓÇÖt get bored. Walking is a great way to burn calories, improve lung function and get that all important vitamin D to keep your spirits high as your little one changes in front of your eyes (I promise, IΓÇÖll only cry a little!).


When my son is with daddy and big bro, I take it up a notch and get my run on! Thank goodness IΓÇÖve scored a pair of Topo Ultrafly, which are perfect for runners seeking cushioning and light support. The company specializes in running shoes that can be taken outside. You can also try Topo Tribute, designed for speed training and road racing.

Sometimes getting out of the house is just not in the cards. So IΓÇÖve put together my own home gym so I can get my work out in, no matter what!


Along with my elliptical trainer (it was worth the investment, chile!), IΓÇÖm using my Activmotion Bar. This is no ordinary weighted bar. There are little balls inside its cyclinder, which means you have to work extra hard to keep it balanced ΓÇô that equals major core work.


Speaking of core work, for Christmas I scored a BOSU. With this weird-looking but majorly handy gadget you can work everything. Jump on and off it for your cardio. Get into plank position and do your pushups to strengthen your upper body. Stand on it (with weights) and squat for your lower body blast. And whatever you do on it, because itΓÇÖs an unstable surface, your core has to work overtime to keep you stabilized (bye bye baby pooch!).

Whatever form of exercise you choose, the most important thing is to just do it. You will make your body stronger, get your mind clearer and help yourself live the healthiest life for the most precious person in your life.

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