New Year, New Me! Know If He’s A Keeper in 2016!

By   |   January 18, 2016   |   Relationships

Hey DivaGals! We know most of us would like to find a life partner! As you start this New Year, New Me, we know that plenty of men will come into your lives. But how will you know which ones are worth keeping ? You might go on hundreds of dates, but never find the right guy. Perhaps you just donΓÇÖt know how to see a good thing when itΓÇÖs staring you in the face? Whatever your reasons might be, you need some advice from the experts. Today, weΓÇÖre going to show you some of the telltale signs youΓÇÖve met someone worthy of your time. Now f you fail to spot them after reading this advice, you got nobody to blame but yourself!

If he buys you flowers. Flowers are a good indication that a man enjoys spending time in your company. He wouldn’t bother getting them for you if he wasn’t interested. A sweet bouquet shows that he’s been thinking about the date for a while. Sure, he might just visit a site and place his order online, but you shouldn’t hold that against him. It shows that he’s familiar with modern technology and that he likes to work efficiently. Both of those traits make him ideal boyfriend material. At the end of the day, you don’t want someone who’s stuck in the 1980s. You need a man who’s going places.

If you get to meet his friends.┬áFor whatever reason, guys can be quite cruel to each other. That is the case, even if they have been friends for a long time. Considering that, itΓÇÖs always a good sign if he asks you to meet his chums. That means heΓÇÖs willing to take any jokes they might make, and heΓÇÖs not bothered about the embarrassment. His friends are sure to tell you silly stories that make him look like a fool. However, allowing you to meet with his mates means he just doesnΓÇÖt care. He likes you enough to hope you can see past his history — good and bad — and choice of kooky friends. Hopefully, you’ll like them as much as he does!┬á

If he writes you a song. Everyone wants to find love, and music is the best way to a girl’s heart. He might not have the best singing skills in the world, but it’s the gesture that counts. If a lovesick man decides to write or sing you a song confessing his emotions, he’s probably a keeper. Some guys don’t have those talents, and so they might create a mixtape or something similar. Any man who wants you to listen to particular tunes naturally wishes to make a good impression. Maybe they’re songs that describe your new relationship? Perhaps he writes something specifically about you? Either way, music is the food of love, so play on.

There are lots of other ways you can tell if you met the right person. For instance, you will notice their pupils begin to change shape whenever you are close. You might also see that he can’t keep a smile off his face when you are together. Acting silly is also another sign you’ve met someone good. If you both turn into 5-year-olds all night long, you should hang onto him with both hands. Being immature with a partner means you feel comfortable with each other. And being comfortable is the primary goal for any relationship!

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