New Year, New You ’24! Tips for Savvy Buyers and Investors From Real Estate Expert DeLisa Guerrier 

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DeLisa Guerrier

The real estate market is buzzing with exciting potential, especially in places like Nashville, Tennessee! Whether you’re a buyer aiming for your dream home or an investor seeking savvy opportunities, navigating this dynamic landscape requires strategic thinking. Don’t wait for the tides to turn. Seize the moment with these insider tips from real estate expert DeLisa Guerrier

“Remember, in a growing market, information is power,” she says. Be proactive, informed and bold. The right strategies can set you apart and unlock incredible opportunities in this dynamic landscape.”

Guerrier is a founding member of the Black Owner and Women’s Collective (BOW), an organization dedicated to helping Black women entrepreneurs secure capital and contracts for growth. Sh eis also affiliated with the Women Business Collaborative (WBC) and Women Presidents Organization (WPO). Together, she and her husband Elde have invested in over 1000 properties in their home city and across Middle Tennessee.

For Keen Buyers

Action Beats Apathy. Forget waiting for a market dip. Sellers and lenders are currently offering sweet incentives! This is your chance to snag a desirable property with extra perks.

Unlock Hidden Savings. Ask if the seller’s mortgage is assumable. Imagine inheriting a low 2 percent interest rate; that’s major mortgage magic! Talk to your realtor about exploring this possibility.

Think Beyond the Obvious. Look for communities on the cusp of growth. Areas near planned developments hold immense potential for rapid equity gains, just like Nashville! Don’t underestimate the power of strategic location.

For Astute Investors:

Go Beyond Listings. Dive into the off-market realm. Network with property owners, developers, and local brokers to uncover hidden gems before they hit the public eye.

Tap into Private Pools. Build strong relationships with private capital markets. They can be your gateway to exclusive investment opportunities with potentially higher returns.

Team Up for Success. Collaborate with landowners. Offer your expertise and capital to develop land jointly, creating value for everyone involved.

So, are you ready to make your move? Learn more at

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photo credit: courtesy Guerrier Development


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