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Want to know more about yourself from the inside out? 23andMe is a personal genomics and biotechnology company that offers a direct-to-consumer DNA testing service. You give a saliva sample, and 23andMe analyzes your DNA to provide insights into your ancestry, health predispositions and certain traits. 23andMe is at the forefront of personal genetics, offering individuals a unique glimpse into their genetic makeup and potential health risks.

The DivaGals chatted with Jhulianna J at 23andMe to learn more about how it works. Check it below!

Why do people turn to 23andMe to learn more about themselves?

There’s a variety of reasons that over 14 million people have sought out our tests. Some are adoptees who want to find family. Others want to learn more about their genetic ancestry, while others want to learn about their genetic health risks to better inform certain lifestyle choices to mitigate their risk. We have the most comprehensive ancestry service on the market. You can trace your DNA to over 2750 regions worldwide and use our tools and features to share, compare, and discover more information with friends and family. Our Health + Ancestry service provides over 150 personalized genetic reports that include health predispositions, carrier status, wellness, ancestry and trait information.
Our 23andMe+ Premium service is our annual membership, which includes new health reports and features delivered throughout the year to keep fueling your health journey.

What can someone learn from their ancestry-based health report?

Certain variants can be more common in people of certain ethnicities. By knowing your ancestry, you can become better informed about what health conditions may affect you and your family.

How accurate are 23andMe’s results?

All saliva samples are processed in CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited labs. For ancestry results, we provide estimates of percentages down to 0.1 percent. For health results, we’re the first and only DTC genetic test that includes reports that meet FDA standards. To receive FDA authorization, we had to prove over 99 percent accuracy in our testing.

How can someone use their 23andMe results in 2024 to live a better and healthier life?

23andMe reports can be a screening tool to better understand how genetics influence individuals’ risk for certain diseases. By providing access to this vital information, we hope that it will motivate individuals to take control of their health. Genetics is a necessary component to better understand your health. It provides a complete picture and should be a core part of primary care and family health history. With 23andMe tests, customers can learn valuable information about their own health and any genetic predisposition to certain cancers and other conditions they wouldn’t otherwise know they are at risk for, like preventable blood, to make lifestyle changes or take preventative action. In October 2021, 23andMe acquired Lemonaid Health to integrate genetics into primary care. Lemonaid Health has a telemedicine and digital pharmacy platform that allows anyone to get care and treatment for certain conditions easily from home. As of May 2022, 23andMe customers can now schedule consultations with Lemonaid Health healthcare providers on 23andMe select health reports.

What other tools and resources can people use with their 23andMe data?

DNA Relatives is an opt-in, optional feature where individuals can discover other people in our database with whom they share DNA. A typical customer discovers a third cousin or closer. They can connect with those individuals from all over the world through messaging within the feature.

What are the privacy implications of using 23andMe?

We want to ensure people are informed about their privacy, so we have included all of that in this blog post.

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