NEW YEAR, NEW YOU 2021! Start You Vegan Diet With Vegan Fine Brands – Shop This Black-Owned Business!

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Are you considering a more vegan lifestyle in 2021? Vegan Fine Foods in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. is a 5,000 square foot vegan haven with a market, vegan bar, cafe and Vegan Fine Body, which features high-quality plant-based health and beauty care products. And now they’re ready to expand across the country!

We talked with Vegan Fine Brands CEO Steven Smith about the vegan lifestyle, as well as the company’s crowdfunding campaign to bring Vegan’s Fine Brand one-of-a-kind retail experience to vegans and non-vegans across the country through both company and franchisee-run locations.

What is Vegan Fine Brands and why did you start it?
Vegan Fine Brands is an all-vegan retailer, franchisor, and consumer products company in the food and health & wellness industry. I started the company because I identified a need in the market that was being ignored. As a long time vegan, I experienced the difficulty of finding plant-based products at traditional grocery stores. There was also the difficulty and stress of having to go from one store to another. I wanted one place that consumers could go and find everything on their plant-based shopping list.

What kind of foods can we find at your Fort Lauderdale location?
We have all of the major plant-based food categories, whether they be frozen, refrigerated, packaged products, even vegan wine and beer. In addition, we also have prepared foods at our Vegan Fine Cafe, our quick-service restaurant brand, as well as our Vegan Fine Body.

Why should people of color start or expand their diets into the plant-based realm in 2021?
We should expand our diets to include more fresh produce and plant-based foods to improve our health, wellness and immunity. Our communities continue to suffer from the effects of diets high in sugar, saturated fats, simple carbohydrates, alcohol and other toxic ingredients. This has led to disproportionately high rates of preventable diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and so many more that are directly connected to our diets. Transitioning to more fresh foods, including fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, whole grains and legumes will help to reduce and ultimately eliminate so many health issues in communities of color. Not only will it reduce the high rates of preventable diseases, most importantly it will lead to a much higher quality of life in so many ways.

What’s your favorite vegan dish?
I have started every day for the past 20 years with a smoothie consisting of a variety of fresh fruits & veggies (bananas, spinach, celery, bell peppers, cucumber, squash, sprouts, fresh-squeezed orange juice and/or raw coconut water) with some organic superfood powders added from time to time. I love it and it has transformed my life. My diet consists mainly of raw fruits, veggies, beans and nuts. For lunch, I love sauteed tofu & veggies, buffalo cauliflower…and I will readily admit that I have a real weak spot for vegan desserts!

Tell us about your crowdfunding campaign to expand your reach.
We love the concept of equity crowdfunding because it gives everyone the opportunity to invest. Traditionally, opportunities to invest in early-stage companies were reserved for high net-worth individuals and investors. Equity crowdfunding has changed that and opens up opportunities to everyone to be a part of Vegan Fine Brands.

And your plans to go global?
We will be launching our online store real soon. Our products will then be available nationwide. Stay tuned!

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