Nip/Tuck Series Finale Recap!

By   |   March 4, 2010   |   Entertainment

nip-tuck1 TV DivaGal came to the Nip/Tuck game kinda of late, joining in on the notorious third season, and watching on and off for the past six.

That’s why I was so glad to watch a copy of the pilot before tuning in for the end.

See, Dr. Sean McNamara has pretty much always despised the plastic surgery biz. In medical school, he had chosen the field to help those less fortunate than himself, and let himself be led astray by Dr. Christian Troy’s manipulative charm.

And it only took six seasons of Christian riding Sean for not taking full advantage of their chosen profession: making a fast buck, living lavishly and screwing everything in sight, for Sean to finally give in and accept the fast and furious life.

Christian had the partner-in-crime he always dreamed about. But watching Sean give up his family as Julia moved the kids to England and slip deeper down the rabbit role with drugs and empty sex, seeing the pain Sean felt when Liz told him he couldn’t be a part of the life of her unborn child from his sperm, and the wise lesson from a seventy-something porn star who had a fatal heart attack while at his craft and went with a smile on his face, made Christian realize that Sean would only die happy if he pursued the dream he once had in medical school: to make a difference in people’s lives.

So Christian dissolved their partnership, put Sean on a plane with the baby Ava had just abandoned and told him to see if he could help children and others who desperately needed surgery halfway around the world. It was Christian’s biggest sacrifice.

So there weren’t psychotic girlfriends trying to off Sean in this episode or patients dying (or murdering someone else) in the recovery room or any of the OMG moments that has made Nip/Tuck the show I’ve watched with my eyes half-closed over the years. Just Christian, the man who thinks of no one but himself, having enough love in his heart to let the one person he truly loves unconditionally go.

As for the rest of the characters: Matt showed he is his father Christian’s son as he used his own daughter as bait to run away with Ava, his transgendered lover who was in search of a perfect child of her own; Julia moved on and Liz finally became partners with the only man she loved and once married. Christian let us know that beyond his release over Sean he would never change. In the last scene of the show, he was back in a bar, talking to a Kimber look-a-like, using the pickup line of being a surgeon (which is also his marketing tool), the same one he had used on his dead wife so many seasons ago.

So tell me what you don’t like about the ending? Not as shocking as I would had hoped, but I have hope that Sean can finally find meaning for his life.

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