NUTRITION GAL Food to Get You In the Mood

By   |   February 8, 2011   |   Fitness

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, but chocolate isnΓÇÖt the only thing to eat when you want some special time with your lover. I thought I would give you some info about other less known natural aphrodisiacs to get you and your sweetie in the mood for love. Stay in and whip up a healthy and delicious meal that makes you glad you never left the house…

1. Mushrooms. No one really knows why mushrooms are an aphrodisiac, but it is suspected that the hormone-like compounds in this fungus may be similar to the human neurotransmitters that are released during female sexual encounters. Mushrooms are also a great source of some of the B vitamins so eat up! Make this for an alluring appetizer from Food Network.

2. Avocado. This creamy veggie delivers an abundance of beta carotene, magnesium and vitamin E, all nutrients that are essential to sexual health. Try this scrumptious salad on your special night.

3. Basil. The aroma of this stimulating herb is what is thought to have an aphrodisiac effect. Not to mention that it is a good source of vitamin K, and it tastes so good too! This tantalizing entrée is sure to catch his attention.

4. Blueberries. Everyone knows that blueberries are healthy because they are full of antioxidants. Surprisingly, they also have a place in the sexual realm because they are known to increase energy and stamina and promote blood flow–all of which are essential in the bedroom! How about creating this delicious dessert for a nightcap?

5. Honey. Honey is a great source of boron, a trace mineral that is known to help the body utilize the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. It is also high in many other nutrients, enzymes and phytochemicals that keep you healthy and strong. Make this for a tempting after-dinner drink.

Have a happy and healthy Valentine’s Day!

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