The Truth About Sugar

By   |   April 12, 2011   |   Fitness

We all know that too much sugar is bad for us, that is why we try to cut back on it in our diet as much as possible.

The truth is, even though we cut out some of the obvious offenders like sodas, cookies, and cakes, it is still lurking in our everyday food ΓÇô even the ones that are supposed to be healthy. How do you know if sugar is in your food?

Nutrition Gal gives you some tips and tricks to cut down on the sugar you donΓÇÖt know you may be consuming.

Ditch the wrapper. For the most part, anything conventional, packaged and found in the inner aisles of the grocery store has some sort of sugar in it. Be careful not to buy into the ΓÇ£all naturalΓÇ¥ or even ΓÇ£naturally sweetenedΓÇ¥ claims that many common products have. These products are usually still loaded with unhealthy sugars, even if it is not a sweet food! It is better to stay away from processed snacks and go for fresh choices, like fruits and vegetables, whenever you can.

Read the labels. Food companies have done a wonderful job of changing the name of sugar… so much so that even the trained eye can barely recognize it anymore.

Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is be aware of all of these names. Check out this list for a few of the names you should look out for including high-fructose corn syrup, malt syrup and evaporated cane juice.

Ask questions. Here’s an interesting fact for you sushi lovers: there is sugar in sushi rice (even when they make it with brown rice)! Sugar often creeps up when you are eating out… even at the healthiest of places. Be wary of sauces and dressings, as those tend to be the place where sugar is added. Ask your server if they can find out if there is sugar in your food choices—it may sound strange, but it is definitely better than added pounds come summertime!

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