NYFW Fall ’17 – Surviving A Wintery Fashion Week With Samantha von Sperling!

By   |   February 14, 2017   |   Gals On The Town, Lifestyle

We’ll admit it – we’ve been a little slow to catch our NYFW bug this season. Thank goodness our own Image Gal Samantha von Sperling is always on the job! Here are her observations from Day 1!

Fashion week in the snow. Only News Yorkers, perhaps the most hardcore fashion enthusiasts the world, would brave the blizzard with such enthusiasm in the name of fashion. True, not all the shows were at full capacity, but I was still amazed by the masses of people I did see. And some shows were still packed despite the schools being closed and people urged to stay home if possible.

Despite weather that called for Eskimo inspired fashion, I saw the hardcore, aspiring fashionista twenty-somethings in their mini dresses, with no tights and stilettos! Did they come here in a snowsuit and change? Their bodies were so tiny, I’m certain they can fit the whole outfit into their handbag. At what age did I reach sensible? Still, I applauded their fierceness!

I opted for á la Snoopy as The Red Barron, complete with all leather and furry lined flat boots for climbing over banks of snow and slush to get my #Lyft!

On the whole, I saw a lot of elaborate makeup. And we thought the eighties were dramatic? Glad the joy of painting one’s face with a flare for the dramatic is back!

Some of my saner colleagues decided to call it a snow day. I guess apart from my sensible thigh highs, I’m still hardcore at heart! Despite my feeling under the weather off I went and dragged my assistant, the very talented Angelica Molina. In reward for her being a trooper this Fashion Week, I pass the torch and share my byline for this Fashion week report.

Angelica, your thoughts on hair and makeup?

At the Honee show, hair was sleeked back and put up to make room for dramatic headpieces and hats. The face paint was broken out to create interested color-blocked effects. The women were reminiscent of Geishas, and the men reminded me of The Phantom of the Opera going to the Disco with their gilded half-masks.

The Shalini Arts show featured a parade of fresh-faced models with sultry eyes and beautiful wavy hair.

The Berenik A/W17 show kept the ΓÇ£athleisureΓÇ¥ aesthetic with natural, frizzy, curly hair bouncing as the models performed interpretive dances. Blocks of white face paint covered their eyes and a strong pinkish-red contour blush hugged cheekbones as the bodies swayed around the room.

Thanks Angela! I saw a lot of Asian-inspired silhouettes. Especially at Honee. And I saw some very cute suede tap pants at Shalini Arts.

As my Lyft whisked me away home to take off my own war paint at the end of the day and crawl into bed with some tea. I’m happy to have been front row at the shows, yet also happy to be between the sheets in what I like to wear most… Nothing!

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