Parenting? Moving? Searching For A New Job? Don’t Go It Alone (These People Can Help You Out)!

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We DivaGals know that we are strong, independent women, and we can pretty much handle anything that life throws us – DIY it on our own, sisters! But sometimes, going it alone isnΓÇÖt always for the best.

Getting a helping hand isn’t admitting defeat – it’s realizing that you can be so much better and accomplish so much more with a little assistance. So don’t be afraid of letting someone give you that hand, ear or words of advice when you need it.

Here are four areas where outside support can be a blessing!

Parenting. Most parents can relate to wanting to do it all. But nobody is perfect, and we all make mistakes. Rather than dwelling on issues, why not learn to embrace the advice that can help you make improvements? If it allows your children to receive a better upbringing, it has to be a step in the right direction. Working on ideas to make your children healthy? Little Remedies has produced a free booklet to steer parents in the right direction. Support is also available through parenting groups, churches and sometimes your own mom and dad (hey they raised one heck of a woman in you!). You can also refer to our Divalicious Diva Mom section for stories and advice from our own Mommy Divas!

Moving.┬áVery few moments change your lifestyle quite like moving. Only you (and your family) know what the perfect home looks like. However, thereΓÇÖs no need to take on the house hunting challenge alone. Paying for agents can feel like a waste in some life aspects, but this is not one of them – find a great real estate agent, one you feel has your best interest at heart. After finding your ideal spot, there are suitcases to pack, boxes to lift and if you’re moving far – lots of driving (flying) involved.┬áWhen it comes to the day itself, professional movers, like NYC fave, are invaluable. Click here to discover how they can aid your cause. For the sake of your budget and sanity, that support is worth taking.

Job Searching.  A successful career is something most women aspire to achieve. This is something that transcends personal goals and plays a role in the continued battle for gender equality. Still, that doesn’t mean you should face the battle alone. There are many people that can help you along the way. Putting your face out there is vital to finding opportunities. Read more about LinkedIn networking, and you could boost your career in a matter of days. Similarly, job agencies can help find the perfect roles for your skills, education, and experience. You can’t grab an opportunity if you don’t know it exists.

Healthy Living. Yes, most of us think about eating right, hitting the gym four to five times a week and taking some well deserved “Me Time” every now and then. But when you’re succeeding in business, taking care of kids and keeping your home in order, it can be a challenge to actually carve out the time. This is the perfect reason to make yourself accountable through┬ápersonal trainers, nutritionists and mental well-being experts. Setting up appointments – especially ones you pay for – are a lot harder to just blow off when you know it’s your hard-earned dollar that’s going to waste. So show up – and let these trained individuals help you become and stay the best version of yourself.┬á┬á


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