PATTY ON SITE: Savages Style Review: Weed On Speed

By   |   July 10, 2012   |   Entertainment

Our newest contributor Patty On Site gives her take on the fashion in the new movie Savages.

I’m a big fan of Olive Stone so I was anxious to see his new, drug-induced movie Savages.

The story can be considered as a high-love story where the three main characters, two guys and a girl, will do anything for love. It’s about the bad guys vs. the good guys — or is it bad guys vs. bad guys? I was a bit unsure. But that very element made this fast-paced film interesting to watch and curious to see how the story all played out.

I have to be honest, I don’t watch Gossip Girl. I am only familiar with Blake Lively‘s acting skills in The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants. In Savages she plays a rich, free- spirited beachcomber. Her style is beachy cotton dresses, easily picked up at Urban Outfitters or ModCloth. At one point she goes shopping for designer duds, and we never get to see her expensive purchases, darn!

Blake has the lived-in, beachy look down right to her uncombed, sunkissed blondness. To me, she was really never the uptown Gossip Girl type, and Savages proves my point.

The two main guys, Ben and Chon, have that flannel-wearing, dirty appeal, think Lands End Canvas. All three characters were on trend in summertime bracelets, which made me want to build my collection ΓÇô American Eagle has a nice collection.

The heart flutters when actor Aaron Johnson comes on the screen. He plays Ben, and like real-life Toms Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie, Ben uses his profits to give back, which is always in style. Loved his hair of soft curls and waves. Aaron is British which makes him even more appealing considering the audience would never of guessed — not a trace of an accent.

Salma Hayek plays a hard-hitting drug lord and she doesn’t disappoint (see above). Her outfits have a seventies flair with jumpsuits and jeweled tones, think vintage Escada, or score your own silk jumpsuit at I enjoyed her performance — one step over and it would have been campy, and that’s OK.

Benico Del Toro played a stereotypical drug lord’s strong willed flunky. He scared me. And John Travolta ΓÇô- well, I live for him playing the mean guy. His character in Savages was not only mean, but he had some funny lines, which added for a bit of comic relief. As his style: Armani, baby!

I did enjoy Savages. The art direction captured the feel of beach life — always a plus for me. However, I had wished the story had reveled a character flaw with one of the three lovers. The ending was a major letdown after such a contact high the story had delivered throughout.

Savages, now playing nationwide.

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