Project Runway Recap: Life's A Beach

By   |   September 4, 2009   |   Entertainment
Hot new designers! <br> credit: Courtesy of Lifetime


Even the TV DivaGal had to feel a little sorry for Mitchell on Project Runway tonight.
How do you win the challenge and still get kicked off the show? It’s a PR first. Somehow, I feel we’re in for a lot more of these this season.

Like where the challenge was announced: On the beach.
As Tim Gunn wiggled his sandal-clad toes in the sand, he informed the designers they would be making surf girl wear. That’s bikinis, hoodies and sarongs, oh my! And yeah, this is going to be a team challenge.

Last week’s preview had already given us a sneak peek at which teams wouldn’t have their seams straight while working together.

First there was Qristyl and Epperson. Even though she was their team leader, Epperson took charge.
I’m not saying that was entirely a bad move on his part. Qristyl‘s designs have been less than inspiring so far. But then again, you’re a fellow NYC gal, Qristyl. Holla at a boy and put him in his place!

And then there was Ra’mon and Mitchell. Mitchell even admitted he picked Ra’mon to carry him. Uh, that’s not the way this reality competition rolls.

Everyone was pretty much ready for Mitchell to go. Heck, how many times did Nicolas say he couldn’t wait to see Mitchell be eliminated at the end of this challenge? Could you really blame him? Mitchell can’t sew!

Halfway through the challenge, Tim threw the teams a curve ball saying they would have to make an avant-garde design that complements their original piece. OMG!
That meant another scrambled trip to Mood for fabric, and lots of weird shapes being put together for a look that by definition, should be over-the-top.

Ra’mon first tried a full-body wetsuit look, but got smart and dumped it when Tim pointed out that it was a hot mess. Ra’mon then somehow pulled out of his derriere a sexy chartuese neoprene (which is synthetic rubber, I looked it up!) shift which he tie-dyed literally moments before sending it down the runway. Incredible!

For some, it was a beautiful outcome. I absolutely loved Althea and Louise‘s avant-garde piece. It actually looked like it could be a part of the guest judge’s Max Aria‘s BCBG collection. It was enough to get them moved on to the next round. Others, not so much.

After the runway show, Heidi called the bottom teams to the stage, and in an elimination shocker, Nicolas and Gordana were one of the bottom two. (Epperson and Qristyl were the other.)

Sure if they were designing for street-walkers, Nicolas’ hochie mama lace conception would have been a winner, but that wasn’t the case tonight.

Ra’mon took home the night’s gold for his avant-garde piece, and as I said above, even though he was their team leader, Mitchell was sent packing.

We still haven’t learned much more about the rest of the contestants, except that they’re fierce competitors. With so many competent designers working the PR runway this season, we’ll have to wait until we get down to single digits to see some real drama between these other players.

I’m truly excited for Ra’mon, as I’ll be viewing his Spring 2010 during NY Fashion Week next week.

I think I’ll arrive an hour early so he can whip me up something to wear while I’m seated in the front row. Take that, Anna Wintour!

Catch the next episode of Project Runway Thursday, Sept. 10 at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.


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