Ready To Travel The World Again? Three Ways to Experience Other Countries!

By   |   October 27, 2021   |   Travel

Hey Divas! So you’ve been thinking about how to travel the world with your best pals for a while now, but you don’t want to do what everybody else does. While it would be nice to get lost in some foreign country on the other side of the world for a couple of weeks with a drink in your hand and capturing every moment in Instastory, let’s face it – everybody does that. We say it’s time to take it up a notch.

Now for the good news: there are plenty of excellent, unique ideas to give you the chance to see the world in an entirely different way, and not worry about anything during your time there. And the bad news? Well, there isn’t any. Yay!

Get In My Boat

Getting the opportunity to travel the world when you can is something that should not be neglected. But it’s not just about getting on a plane – there are some luxurious ways to travel that don’t put you in the air, like taking a sailing yacht out for a spin! Try a sailing day trip. You can do a yacht rental and discover if the pirate life is truly for you: taking the wheels, hoisting the sails and letting the wind blow through your hair. In the seas breeze, dip your toes — or just jump — into the turquoise waters of wherever you want to go. And of course, there are so many great outfits to wear when you go nautical – dresses, jumpers, jackets – the sea’s the limit!

You can also try traveling by train. In the US, Amtrak and local railways can take you where you want to go. And in many global destinations, they have some form of rail system. In Europe, there’s the Eurail, which connects several European countries.

Get Employed

When you go on your globetrotting adventure, you might find out that you just don’t want to leave just yet – you may want to learn more about the culture – or maybe you met a certain someone, and you’ve decided you want to spend more time together. Well, it’s your life and if you need to make a major location change – we say go for it! But where you gonna stay? If you have a talent, like teaching fitness classes, you can barter your services to stay someplace fabulous.

Get To Giving Back

Are you the type that wants to have the world? Why not do something that can help out your fellow man volunteering positions are available all over the world. No matter where you go or what you do, you can meet fascinating people from all walks of life while you do some good in the world. In the past, people have built schools and homes, they have saved endangered species and advocated for protection from poachers. Volunteering might not pay for your ticket home, but you will be out there doing something great for other people.


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