Best For 2018 – Getting The Body & Wardrobe You’ve Always Dreamed Of!

By   |   January 20, 2018   |   Fitness, Lifestyle

Transforming your look for 2018? The DivaGals are here to help! If you are unsure about what you actually want next, we’ve got a few fun tips to get you started. From revving up your wardrobe to changing your body, you can mix and match to build a brand new you, so read on!

Your Wardrobe. One of the easiest ways to transform your look is by restocking your wardrobe. This┬ádoesn’t┬áhave to be an expensive endeavor. You can start by restocking your new wardrobe from your old one! Check out our fave new YourTube refashioner Tiffany Michey, who has a series on making new tops from men’s refashioned shirts! Of course, you may need to invest in a sewing machine. We like the Brother Project Runway 70-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine┬áwith Wide Table. It offers a ton of bells and whistles for under $125!

You may also want to seek some professional fashion help. Look no further than your phone. Cladwell is a new app that gives you unique daily outfit recommendations so you can look good in the clothing you already own. Cladwell offers professional personal styling to everyone, so you can be confident and look beautiful every day.

Your clothes can only look good if the support underneath is right. offers bras and panties from sizes 32A to 46DDD. Did we mention most styles are under $20? Check out their Skin Tone Collection that offers styles for all shades of brown gals.

Your Body. If it’s been a while since you’ve given your body a tune-up,┬áyou’re going to have to start at the beginning, and that means getting into a good workout routine. If you’re NYC-based, there’s no better spot than Mercedes Club, a full-service fitness facility that offers classes, personal training,┬áspa services and so much more. ┬áMercedes’ Certified Personal Trainer Kesha Butler – a fitness diva extraordinaire – says to tone your┬ábody, “overall, techniques that incorporate the upper body, core and lower body, would be combination techniques, such as Squatting with Overhead Dumbbell Press, Abdominal Crunch with Medicine Ball, combined with Torso Twist from Floor, Alternating Standing Lunges with Bicep Curl or Pop Squats with a Medicine Ball, just to name a few.”┬áNot in New York City? Visiting NYC? You can spend an afternoon at Mercedes via PopIn, which allows you to pay for the gym by the minute (and enjoy their jacuzzi, sauna and juice bar!)

Nutrition is your next step. Getting the right foods in your body will help you feel healthy and look better than ever. You may want to kick off a new eating plan with the Alkamind 2-Day Detox, a two-day program that jump-starts your metabolism and can allow you to drop 3-4 pounds in just two days. The program includes Daily Greens Superfood, daily minerals and a guidebook, plus other instructions to keep you on track for 48 hours.

If you feel you need more radical changes to your look and if you are considering cosmetic surgery, you could try someone like Belcara Health, who can help you to approach wellness in a new light. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, opt for a clinic that provides a wide range of aesthetic enhancement surgeries. This way you can ensure to get done what you’re seeking without having to contend with multiple cosmetic surgery providers.

These are just a few ways to start getting your wardrobe and body the way you’ve always imagined them to be in 2018 – now go out there and make it happen, Divas!



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