This Refashioning Diva Will Help You Transform Your Wardrobe!

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TV DivaGal here, and I have a not-so-secret hobby: I love refashioning clothes. That means taking an existing piece of clothing and transforming it into something new. My beloved grandmother taught me the basics of sewing, and now I’m using the skills to transform tired, old items into some things fabulous.

I’m always looking for inspiration, so I am so glad I discovered Tiffany Michey, crafter and DIY fashion blogger who has started her own site, She showcases her incredible refashion clothing, which includes creating a 5-in-1 denim outfit, upcycling a handbag and refashioning a skirt into these so cute culottes, just to name a few. The site’s name, like “papier-m├óch├⌐,” ┬áis “also based on a similar concept that ordinary materials when bound together, creates something extraordinary,” Tiffany shares.

Tiffany, who grew up in Jamaica, tells us more about what inspires her chic DIY style!

How did you learn to sew?

My mother introduced me to the craft. From there, I took a class in clothing and textiles in high school, which really helped to expand my skill set.

What inspires your designs?

Honestly, I gather inspiration from multiple sources. It could be anything from online research, magazines, outings or even tv shows.

WhatΓÇÖs your fave look and why?

My favorite look would be the cape jacket and pleated hem dress combo. I just love the polished look!

Can you give us one tip for budding refashionistas?

IΓÇÖd say if youΓÇÖre unsure about a refashion idea, start by trying the piece on. Then grab some pins and try manipulating it on yourself. ItΓÇÖs a good way to envision the finished look and to determine whether the style works for you.

Check out more of Tiffany’s designs at Follow her work on her Instagram @TMichey!

photo credit: PaperMichey

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