RESET YOUR LIFE 2020! Four Easy Changes To Bring Major Style To Your Home (Renter-Friendly!)

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Hey Divas! The year 2020 is right around the corner, and it’s the start of a new decade. Which means it’s time to Refresh Your Life! A few minor changes – and maybe one big one – can set you on a whole new path and of course, we’re making changes right along with yah!

It’s been a wild ride for TV DivaGal when it comes to turning her tiny New York City studio apartment into a home. On the sage advice of our Image Gal Samantha Drucker of our 90 Days To Husband No. 2 series, I put in a wall of cabinets for more storage (getting them up was only a two-year process!). Now I’m ready to take it to the next level.

I reached out to interior designer Kristin Vaselacopoulos, founder and creative director of KMV Creative Consulting. Working out of Boston, this Greek design goddess knows about small spaces, she lives in one herself! And she has some fun, innovative concepts on how to transform my space, repurposing key items already there while taking the décor to the next level. Here are four ideas that can easily translate to any small home looking for an upgrade!

Create A Color Palette. Figuring out a color palette for your space is a great place to start. Color can add mood and texture, which can be lacking in a one-room home. For my space, Kristin suggests, “blue, gold and deep wood as the primary color palette. It provides the opportunity for a richer, deeper feeling.” An added accent color or pattern can also help set a specific tone and easily change the nuance of your space. “Gold geometric is posher; lemons are more trendy/provocative; greenery is more soothing; Miami palms are more fun and flamboyant,” Kristin declares.

Add That Texture With Removable Wallpaper. “Removable wallpaper versus painting for an easier refresh in the future,” Kristin says. “It also allows us to easily bring in the opportunity for texture and/or metallic touches.” I’ve got my eye on that gold geometric pattern Kristin suggested for a recessed wall in my bed area.

Mount Your TV. Kristin suggests getting a “full-range wall mount for your TV, so that you can pull it and swivel it toward the living area or bed area.” She also recommends getting rid of bulky TV stands that take up coveted floor space and instead mount shelving on the wall. “Lifting the gaze and creating more floor space helps smaller floor plans look bigger,” she explains.

Use A Neutral Palette To Showcase Personal Items. Kristin also suggested a grey, white, and ash wood as a primary color palette for my space. “It lends us a lighter feeling; almost rustic, but still modern and clean. It’s a more neutral starting point, so the options for changing the nuance through the wallpaper can be more striking” she reveals. It also gives you the chance to show color through your accessories like books, paintings, jewelry boxes and other mementos.”

Getting your space in harmony is a process, and Kristin is dedicated to helping me get mine just right. Join us next month when Kristin comes to New York City to repurpose and transform some of my favorite existing pieces for just a few bucks!

Learn more about Kristin and her design services at

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