RESET YOUR LIFE 2020! The Comeback – Week 12: The End Of A Journey

By   |   March 24, 2020   |   Fitness

Image Gal Samantha Bessudo Drucker shares her final thoughts on her fitness comeback.

It’s been 12 weeks since I started my comeback journey. My “90 Days to The Comeback” series was designed to help us move forward in addressing our professional and fitness goals for the first three months of the year so that our 2020 New Year’s resolutions did not dissolve by the second week of January.

Since I started writing this three-month series, everything has changed. Even if some of my goals and dreams might still be the same, it’s important to have dreams to live into. Everything seems irrelevant now, except for the need to stay well and safe and to survive. But having things to focus on is important while we are isolating.

Check out an example of staying busy now in the video below.

Here is the outcome of all my efforts:

Organization. I have ‘Marie Kondo’d’ our entire apartment, except for the office and all our files, which Jeffrey and I will tackle this week.

Diet. After the first couple of days of nervous binge eating, I am now with very little appetite. But with more time to cook I’ve had time to plan meals carefully and experiment with new recipes. I’ve also frozen batches of green juice and green soup in case fresh produce becomes hard to come by. Right now, I’m grateful to have food, a roof over my head and my wonderful husband to go through this disaster with.

Exercise. I’m working out regularly with Boris via WhatApp. The phycological aspects of virtual “face to face” interaction is becoming more important than I ever imagined. I also have a new appreciation for my elliptical machine.

Weight. It seems irrelevant now. The batteries of my scale are dead and getting new batteries for it is simply not a priority now. I’m stronger and fitter since I started, still well as far as I know and alive. I have only gratitude. My clothes still fit so we’re ok. Anyway, for me getting dressed has become optional while staying home. I think my husband appreciates the ongoing lingerie show.

Professional Goals. Despite the sky falling, I’ve managed to focus. Simply because it keeps me from freaking out. On some projects, tremendous progress has been made. There has been time for writing, thinking, planning and reaching out to people. On other projects, the more you work on things, the more you realize there is to do. That’s ok, I’ve got some time on my hands. In fact, in between being terrified by the news and praying for the survival of the human race, I’ve been enjoying the productivity in the comfort of home.

I virtually attended a private presentation with scientists on the forefront of the race to find a cure for COVID-19. We will come out of this. Eventually.

Meanwhile, I will remain indoors, grateful for this quiet time with my husband and time to catch up on things, such as all of the projects and items on the “to do” list we never had time to get around to. Now is the time.

Just keep going, stay in and take care!

Love to all,

Samantha Bessudo Drucker

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