RESET YOUR LIFE 2020! The Comeback – Week 9: Staying On Track (Even With An Injury!)

By   |   March 3, 2020   |   Fitness

Your ImageGal started this journey because we all make New Year’s resolutions that are but idle wishes by the second week of January. I have been reporting mostly on the progress of my aspirations for a great, fit, strong body and a little bit about the progress in other areas. The act of starting this 90-day series has made me publicly accountable for my progress. This accountability makes failure unthinkable. Having supportive people around you to check in with or reach out to can be a vital key to success, especially when there are setbacks. Five days ago I sprained my ankle while jogging on the beach. Would this cancel out all my hard work while I stayed off it?

My fabulous trainers, Boris Borbua (WhatApp +57 314 521 4104) and Zach Fazz WhatsApp (+1 305 783 9165) had me working out, no excuses, in a chair and on the floor. Thanks, guys! Without these gentlemen, I might have just stayed in bed, wallowing in frustration and not exercising instead of feeling encouraged, thanks to both of their very challenging sessions.

I’m grateful for the support and I won’t give up. Even when I momentarily fall off the wagon, they are there for me. I’m really enjoying the process; I’m feeling stronger, empowered and mentally more focused. I know that my quest will not stop after 90 days; it shall continue until I have achieved my goals. This 90 -ay process has provided focus resulting in great headway despite challenges.

Professionally the challenge has been fighting with technology, it seems that all of my gadgets were ailing from one issue or another. Weeks were spent on the phone with Apple Tech Support. The feeling that professional endeavors were at the mercy of machinery was beyond frustrating and certainly threw a wrench into my productivity. Determined, I kept going and I organized my thoughts.

Here is a great exercise to help you focus your efforts.

The Professional Projects List. Write down all the projects you have on your plate that are in line with your career advancement, State their title, what they’re about, what you want to do with them and what stage of development they are at. Creating this will help you focus your energy and can also help you outline game plans and tasks associated with each item. Some projects might be ready to go but need a plan to launch them: this list helps you see what’s on your plate with clarity. Clarity will bring ideas about what will be necessary to give your project the best chances of success. Completing projects is step one, marketing them to propel your career is step two.

Time goes so fast, it’s hard to believe it has been nine weeks since I started. So much has happened! Certainly, the act of sharing this journey with you has helped me push through stumbling blocks and I’m seeing progress on all fronts.

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