Should You Wet Curly Hair Every Day? We’ve Got Answers (And Products!)

By   |   July 21, 2022   |   Beauty
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Curly hair gals, rejoice! Your natural ringlets are something to be envied. As we all know, curly hair has been in existence since humanity began. It’s in human DNA and is believed to have originated in sub-Saharan Africa. Thank practical evolution for curly locks: thicker and tighter hair offers better protection from the heat of the sun and helps the hair to stay hydrated. During the centuries, curly hair took on different meanings: some good, some not. Curly hair was a common feature in the 1700s and 1800s, even though those curls were manufactured for the wealthiest of people.

Today, curly hair is now everywhere–from loose ringlets to the tightest of kinks. And we can’t forget the many people who try to add curls to their straighter strands. Now that’s humanity moving in the right direction!

Naturally, taking care of curly hair has its own challenges. One question that many people ask is whether they should wet their curly hair every day or not.

The Answer Depends On Your Hair Type

It’s important to note that, regardless of what type of hair you have, the right products are essential for looking after your hair. Australian beauty site Oz Hair and Beauty offers a diverse range of hair care products for all hair types. The right regimen will help you maintain your hair health and keep it hydrated.

If you have tight curls, you probably have discovered that you don’t need to wash your hair every day. It’s acceptable to do it just two or three times a week. Your hair naturally retains moisture, making it possible to wash it less often.

Looser curls will benefit from more washing. Every other day is probably a good idea, although, if your hair is oily, you may prefer to wash it every day.

Hair with medium curls needs to be washed three to four times a week to help it stay hydrated, clean and healthy.

Don’t forget that washing your hair can remove the natural oils from your scalp. This destroys your hair’s protection and allows it to become dehydrated. That’s one of the reasons why it’s best not to wash it daily. However, everyone is different – so do what you feel is best for your hair.

Wet Hair? Yes, We Care!

It should be noted that washing your hair is not the same as wetting it. There is no reason why you can’t get curly hair wet every day. Rinsing it through canactually be beneficial to help hydrate the hair and wake up your curls.

Additionally, we all know that curly hair tends to knot more easily than other hair types, especially after you sleep. First thing, get a satin or silk pillowcase which will help you maintain hair moisture and protect the strand from cotton roughness. Next, mix together hydrating ingredients like water, oils and rose water, or get a great water-based leave-in conditioner from Oz Hair and Beauty which can use daily to refresh and hydrate your strands.

In short, you can wet your curly hair every day, but it’s not usually necessary to shampoo every day.

Get more great hair care tips for all types of brown gal hair in our BEAUTY section!

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