Six Fitness Workouts That Work Up A Good Sweat (Can’t Wait To Try No. 4!)

By   |   May 23, 2017   |   Beauty

You know when you’re having a good workout because you will be out of breath, feel exhausted and dripping with sweat, and this is exactly what you want because it means you are losing water weight, eliminating toxins and also burning calories as you go.

Want to know the best ways to do just this? here are the top workouts that will work you up into a sweat.

Kickboxing.┬áKickboxing isn’t just good for self-defence and keeping you fit, it’s also an amazing reliever of stress. You can focus all your aggression into one place and just let go. Not only that but you will be taught discipline, which can then be used to manage your day to day tasks with a lot more ease than usual.┬áIt also tones your entire body, so you can expect to be sore the first few days, and then you’ll feel incredible!

Spin Class.┬áIt’s one thing to go on a relaxing bike ride; it’s a completely different thing to take a spin class. It’s fast paced, exciting and a whole load of laughs. But it is also very physical, so make sure you have a bottle of water ready. You don’t even need to go to groups sessions; there are many videos on the web that you can follow by yourself, all you need is an exercise bike. Have a browse through some reviews before deciding what kind of bike you want. Sites like┬áhave a bunch to read up on.

Running.┬áRunning is one of the simplest forms of exercise, and it does the job perfectly. It gets your heart pumping, your blood flowing and the sweat pouring. Anyone can go running, and one of the joys of it is that you can set your own pace, and go wherever you want to. You don’t have to limit yourself to four walls. Go out and explore, enjoy the scenery and lose weight while you do it.

Tabata.┬áThis is a high-intensity exercise that originally comes from Japan. It’s pretty much just a four-minute workout, that has bursts of craziness for twenty seconds, separated by ten seconds rests, and this continues for four minutes. You may be reading this thinking it doesn’t sound bad at all, but give it a go before you form an opinion. It will most likely leave you in tears.

Racquetball.┬áIf you prefer more of a sporty kind of workout, then racquetball is for you. This sport consists of hitting a little ball against a wall, again and again. It sounds basic, but it’s a killer way to sweat. It’s so quick that you’ll be dashing, to the right, left, forwards and back again just to keep up with the damn thing.

Boot Camp.┬áYes, it’s as brutal as it sounds. Anything that calls itself boot camp isn’t going to be a walk in the park. You can expect to take a beating, so you should mentally prepare yourself.┬áIt’s a good idea to bring a towel with you too because you will sweat buckets.


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