Six Surefire Ways To Make Your Hair Grow (No. 4 Is Instant!)

By   |   October 4, 2017   |   Beauty

Divas, can we talk hair? ItΓÇÖs just a protein that erupts from your scalp, but it feels far more important than that. For most of us, our hair is a source of constant attention. We style, we cut, we add, we dye — itΓÇÖs as much a hobby as a part of our body. And a lot of times, we just want to grow more of it!

For some lucky ladies, growing out hair is no problem. They just let the natural process happen. But for most of us… it takes are lot more effort. And while the effort of trying to make it grow may be a process in itself, it’s so worth it. So dig in Divas, we’re exploring some great ways to help your hair grow.

Don’t Stress Over Your Strands. Now if you’re anything like us, and you’re a slow grower, you probably spend a lot of time noticing how the length and thickness of other people’s hair. Or you’re constantly scouring Pinterest and┬áhair trends┬áfor hot new looks you aspire to have one day. We say definitely have aspirations of styles you’d like to have in the future, but don’t stress out over it, because stress can cause temporary hair loss (and we’re trying to keep what we got!). Try meditating to calm yourself, and remember, it’s only hair – and we’ve got a few more ways to make it look like your dream style.

Exercise. Yes baby, you need to hit the gym! Exercising increases blood flow to our scalp, which means more nutrients and more oxygen. That’s good nourishment for our hair roots, which promotes healthy hair growth. We’re also increasing our endorphins, which can help us stay calm. Now knowing how to deal with your hair after you sweat it out can be stressful enough. So we suggest investing in a moisture-wicking headband to help pull the sweat away and protect those edges.

Go Natural! There are so many┬átechniques that are meant to make your hair grow faster. And we say, if you’re going to try some – go natural! Some of our faves include┬áeating a diet full of fruits and vegetables for their nutrients that will, in turn, nourish your scalp. Massaging your scalp also helps brings your natural oils to your scalp – and it feels so good!

Enhance Your Program. Sometimes you’ve got to add some extra to encourage hair growth. Vitamin B and biotin have both been shown to help grow hair. Or you can try one of the hair growth products like┬áViviscal or NutraFol, which both proclaim to grow hair from within. There is also Rogaine, which has minoxidil, which has been proven to regrow hair.

Add Your Length. Girl, we love our wigs and┬átape extensions┬á,┬áincluding the brand amazingbeautyhair.┬áBoth allow us to change your style instantly. Experiment with different looks, colors and styles – how exciting it is to never have the same style daily!

Explore Surgical Options. As you know, our own EIC had hair replacement surgery with Bosley Medical earlier this year to bring back her edges. While this isn’t for everyone, it’s definitely something to look into if your hair loss seems permanent – hair replacement could be a viable option.







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