Her Sporty New Obsession: Love and Hip Hop!

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Sports Gal has a new obsession: Love and Hip Hop!

First I should explain that I LOVE messy reality shows. I watched the first two seasons of Flavor of Love faithfully; I actually planned my Sunday television around the show’s first season.

Second, IΓÇÖm a hip hop groupie (in a good way!). I know that it is a negative influence on young girls with its misogynistic tendencies and color issues. BUT I still remember walking home from junior high following the person with the beat box blasting ΓÇ£AAAAAJJJJJJ. I wanna see you.ΓÇ¥ (Yeah I just took it there. You have to be a real hip hop head to know who IΓÇÖm quoting.)

So this is the best of both worlds for me. On top of just loving the premise of the show, Sports Gal was invited to a VIP viewing party at The Secret Loft in West New York, N.J., for the premiere episode with Somaya Reece and her manager, Maurice Aguilar. IΓÇÖll get into the party recap in a minute. First letΓÇÖs talk about the show and the first two episodes.

The premiere introduced us to the cast (as premiere episodes usually do). The queen bee is very obviously Chrissy, Jim JonesΓÇÖ Significant Other (SO). She is the sassiest and the one with the most experience in this lifestyle. She clearly understands her role in JimΓÇÖs life and is happy with that position. If I had to pick a lieutenant for her, IΓÇÖd say the #2 is Olivia, former J Records and G-Unit artist. Not because Olivia has so much to offer but more because her attitude tells me the only person sheΓÇÖs taking a second seat to is Chrissy. Next up, we have Emily B., FabolousΓÇÖ baby mama. I really like Emily and based on what IΓÇÖve seen in these first two episodes, I hope things get better for her.

Somaya blows into town looking to be put on in the music industry. I must say I didnΓÇÖt expect much from her, since I knew her as a video/pin-up girl, but she was surprisingly real and refreshing. Last is Mashonda, Swiss BeatsΓÇÖ ex-wife. She was only in one scene in the premiere, thus IΓÇÖll withhold commentary on her for now.

The premiere episode involved us meeting the ladies and the ladies meeting each other. The best scene (remember SG like messiness on her TV) was the club scene where Chrissy and Somaya had words in the bathroom. I felt both ladies gave as good as they got and neither one-upped the other, but it foreshadowed great television in the future. The second episode showed Emily B. at work as a stylist while Chrissy planned JimΓÇÖs birthday party with his mother, Mama Jones. Mama Jones might not be a cast regular but she will be a household name before this first season ends. She was brutally honest and straight forward with her expectations of Chrissy as her future daughter-in-law. It will be fun to watch Chrissy manage both Jim and his mama all season. Somaya was featured working as well. She needed to make money so her manger suggested taking sexy pictures which didnΓÇÖt go over too well with her. ItΓÇÖs easy to see the dilemma that Somaya finds herself in: She wants to be taken seriously as an artist/singer but her best assets (her face and body) are suited for display. Watching her balance her sexy image with her desire to be a serious player in the music industry will be enlightening this season. Can she successfully do both? We didnΓÇÖt see Mashonda or Olivia at all in episode 2.

Now back to the viewing party. Somaya is a sweet, sincere girl who is quite serious about her music. She brought her parents with her to the party as well as her producer. She is the same person off camera as she is on and was very friendly and social all night. Maurice was also a gracious host who walked around and greeted and thanked every person individually.

Catch the new series Love and Hip Hop every Monday at 10:30 p.m. on VH1.

photo credit: VH1

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