Love & Hip Hop: Third Episode Review!

By   |   April 4, 2011   |   Gals On The Town

I have watched the third episode of Love & Hip Hop at least four or five times, which is why it has taken me so long to write about it. Let me say straight out: I love this show and this cast! I think that they represent who they are on the show without much filter or fakeness. They ΓÇÿkeep it realΓÇÖ in a way that I like. That said, I was disappointed in all the women this week. Sometimes you have to remember that you are on tape and have to act and speak accordingly.

The show started with Chrissy setting up a “clear the air” discussion with Olivia about the Darrelle Revis situation. Now I understand why Chrissy and Emily are upset, and so should Olivia. No one asked her about her love life; she volunteered the info while they were at the pool. Now she may have done that for the benefit of the cameras and not Chrissy and Emily, but the point is she put her relationship with Darrelle on the table for discussion.

Thus, I didn’t understand the attitude she threw in the little confessional interstitial about them being in her business. There would be no business to be in if you hadnΓÇÖt said anything! IΓÇÖm disappointed that Olivia didnΓÇÖt take more responsibility for starting this by saying something she didnΓÇÖt need to say. Notice that I am not commenting on whether or not she lied because thatΓÇÖs not really the point; her love life is her business and none of us know what really happened between her and Darrelle. For the record, I believe her when she says they were still going out when this filmed.

Next up we have Olivia and Emily having a little lunch because Emily felt the need to explain her messiness. I have one thing to say to Em: You know why you shouldnΓÇÖt throw stones if you live in a glass house? Because you break your own walls in the process! I felt very bad for Emily when Olivia started questioning her about her relationship with Fab. She was obviously uncomfortable with the subject but she (like Olivia) has no one to blame but herself. Again this is not about whether Fab and Emily have a relationship or not or whether Fab cheats on Em or not; itΓÇÖs about whether Emily deserved the treatment she got at OliviaΓÇÖs hands. Unfortunately she did because she should have remembered that her house might not be up to snuff either. And thatΓÇÖs why Emily disappointed me this episode.

Now we move to Somaya and her performance at Greenhouse on Varick St. in NYC. The recorded song is not that bad, but in my opinion, her performance needs a little work. EmilyΓÇÖs criticism that sheΓÇÖs doesnΓÇÖt look like a rapper was an observation that Somaya should have probed deeper. It could be a positive thing that Somaya doesnΓÇÖt fit a mold. She did have a hard time accepting Jim JonesΓÇÖ rejection. Hey Somaya, this is a brutal business and as someone already exposed to it, you should know that sure things, sometimes become unsure things overnight. If Somaya is serious, then she’s got to be open to all comments and criticisms. Take what you want from it and discard the rest. I expect Somaya to always show me heart, drive and determination as she reaches for the top.

Last was ChrissyΓÇÖs demonstration on the yacht. I think IΓÇÖve said it but if I havenΓÇÖt, I love Chrissy, love her! I think she knows that she’s attractive and sexy, and she dresses and carries herself well, so it’s just a complete package. Which is why I didnΓÇÖt like how she allowed the situation on the boat become a neck-moving, hand-waving, finger-pointing screaming match. SheΓÇÖs better than that. Now SomayaΓÇÖs manager, Maurice, was definitely instigating but Chrissy should have tried to stay above it.

Of course, itΓÇÖs a little hard when EmΓÇÖs being her usual messy self (which by the way is cool with me Γÿ║). Emily should have told Chrissy before she arrived at the yacht about inviting Somaya and company. Other than that, there is nothing they did wrong prior to the argument in the cabin. Emily had no choice but to tell Chrissy about her and SomayaΓÇÖs prior conversation and I thought she did it very neutrally. Maurice should have: a) confronted them then and there or b) brought Somaya in the room to confront them. What he did by sitting out there and giving his version was gas up the whole thing and blow it somewhat out of proportion. In the end though, IΓÇÖm still disappointed that Chrissy didnΓÇÖt just say her piece and walk away to get some sun and enjoy the day.

For Sports Gal sake, we hope the cast will make some peace in tonight’s episodeΓǪ just maybe. Catch Love & Hip Hop Monday, April 4 at 8 p.m. on VH1.

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