Sports Gal Score! The Mosley-Mayweather Fight

By   |   May 6, 2010   |   Gals On The Town

6015_586Sports Gal is at it again, breaking down the Mosley-Mayweather fight from Las Vegas!

Many people expected Shane Mosley to shock the world in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 1. Even though Floyd Mayweather Jr. was the betting favorite, most boxing fans thought Shane had an excellent chance of an upset. 

Why? Well, Shane was a true welterweight, bigger than Floyd’s previous opponents. Shane has fast hands, faster than Floyd’s previous opponents. So the fight’s outcome was supposed to be heavily influenced by Shane’s speed and strength. Floyd was expected to face his most serious challenge to date. That made the build-up to the fight heavy with the anticipation of something great: a classic showdown between the number two and number three pound-for-pound fighters.

We did get a classic fight, but it was more of a showcase than a showdown. Shane provided the fireworks in Round 2. He connected with two big rights, the second buckling Floyd’s knees. The MGM crowd responded and in between rounds they buzzed with excitement at the prospect of a real fight for Floyd. Unfortunately for Shane, it was his only moment in the sun. 

From Round 3 on Floyd conducted a clinic on Shane. He connected at will, all the while frustrating Shane’s every attempt at offense. The scorecards reflected the lopsided nature of the fight and Floyd walked away with a well deserved victory. But did he walk away with more?

Personal dislike has always interfered with professional respect where Floyd is concerned. He is undefeated in 41 fights across five weight classes (130lbs, 135 lbs, 140 lbs, 147lbs and 154 lbs) with four championship titles (only a title at 154lbs has eluded him). And in spite of this record, he was constantly accused of ducking fighters and hand selecting opponents to pad his record. Every fighter that claimed to be able to beat Floyd experienced humiliating defeat. 

After completely owning Shane on Saturday, Floyd is finally being praised as the best. As someone who’s been a Floyd fan since 2001, this has been a long time coming. Floyd is not the most lovable character in boxing. He is arrogant and rude. He is obnoxious about his money and his status. He is not a feel-good, overcoming all odds story, having come from boxing royalty as it were. Both his father and uncle were champion boxers. 

But he is the most dominant fighter in this generation, even more so than Roy Jones Jr.  Floyd has known this since 1996. It just took the rest of the boxing world 14 years to figure it out.

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  1. Karleen Lamont
    Friday, June 4th, 2010
    It was a fantastic read while I waited on the flick getting ready. Superb write-up.
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