Stay SAFE With 1and1’s ProtectHER Self Defense And Get CENTERED With ONLINE Pilates Classes At Lindywell!

By   |   August 11, 2022   |   Fitness
1AND1 Protect Her Self Defense

Protect Yourself With 1AND1’s Self-Defense Class

Knowing how to defend yourself is important, especially when you live in a big city. Invited to take 1AND1’s ProtectHER self-defense class, we jumped at the chance.

Inside Etain, a women-owned cannabis dispensary, we met with a former international secret service agent who gave us advice on staying safe.

If you are dealing with public transit like subway stations, stand with your legs staggered so someone can’t push you down. Also, avoid eye contact with crazy or dangerous people. But if you are approached, get crazy — scream, yell, curse — they’ll most likely be startled for a moment, giving you time to get away.

1AND1 Protect her combat

We also had some hands-on lessons with a jujitsu expert. If you are pushed down, it’s important to protect the head, so cross your arms, tilt your head down near your chest and roll onto your back. Just as you hit the ground, extend your arms and hit the mat with your palms to spring back upright. We also learned how you can put someone to sleep with a thigh squeeze. Want to find “self-defense classes near me?” Check out 1AND1’s extensive collection of classes and fitness events.

Get Centered With Lindywell

Lindywell Sheri floor pilates

After all the stress of staying safe in the streets, we want to get centered. That’s why we are loving Lindywell.

 Formerly known as The Balanced Life, this community-based Pilates and balanced living brand by Robin Long is centered around a “Grace over Guilt” approach, with the programs, tools and coaching you need to live a better life. Pilates is its core, but Lindywell also helps banish negative habitual thinking, helping women to achieve sustainable results and live life to the fullest.

There are a slew of trainers of all backgrounds schooling you in Pilates, stretching and mindfulness, like Sheri Presley (pictured at top) and Kaita Mrazek. We took Kaita’s 15-minute “Standing Core Workout,” which left us feeling long, limber and less stressed. With beautiful settings, energetic and knowledgeable coaches and memberships as low as $19 per month, you’ll feel your stress melting away. Try Lindwywell today with a free 14-day trial membership.

photo credit: 1AND1, Lindywell

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