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Labor Of Love’s Stewart Gill: Is He Still Ready For Fatherhood (We Know The Answer!)

By   |   July 21, 2020   |   Entertainment

In the season finale of Labor of Love on FOX, our hearts swooned for financial wealth management CEO Stewart Gill, who showcased what a true gentleman should be for the 2020s. We had Stewart answer a ton of questions in Part I of our interview.

Our conversation didn’t end there! Find out what Stewart learned about himself from the show and why he’s open to future fatherhood coming in many different forms. We also find out whether he’s dating now… and the lowdown on that gorgeous home Kristy passed up!

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What did you learn about yourself from doing the show?

It was a great opportunity to work on who I want to be as a man and as a father — what does fatherhood mean? I always thought I’d have biological kids to carry on my name, but you know what? Maybe I meet a woman that’s divorced and has kids, or maybe through technology, surrogacy or even future adoptions or fostering. I really got to think about what’s really important to me in a partnership and as a father.

Did you have any concerns once it ended?

After being let go by Kristy, I felt a kind of letdown for a hot second. Like maybe I’m not father material. But I realized, no, that I just wasn’t her material. I’m not a failure just because she didn’t see me as a father for her child. I now see myself as a future partner for somebody.

Are you dating again?

So I put my dating life on pause for the show. We couldn’t be actively dating when we were on the show. Afterward, I took a little break because those eight weeks of boot camp were emotionally draining. But people were like, “you’ve gone through something recently,” because of the way I was talking about fatherhood and marriage. I really couldn’t pump up the show so it was, “I’m just woke, I can’t explain it!” I also found myself meeting a woman and putting her into the box of “could we have a family” right away. So I took a couple of months off and now you know, I’m out there.

You, Marcus and Kyle all are all involved in athletic endeavors. Wondering how an athlete’s mindset helped you with this show?

There is this competitive side of it: we’ve got to step up and endure whatever it takes. I’ve been my own boss and leader of a company for a long time so I was ready for it. But I dropped that competition mindset very early on, probably the second or third week. I could fight to be the last man standing but then what’s my prize? I wanted to use this opportunity to learn: Do I want fatherhood? Do I want a partnership and do I want it now? I’ve always been an athlete, but I left the competition mindset early on because this is really about discovery.

Tell us about that gorgeous house because it’s our dream house!

It’s in Santa Monica. I’m in downtown Los Angeles, which is justified for where I’m at in my life now. But the property where you want to raise a child, I’ve often wondered about that. So in Santa Monica, it’s close to the beach and close to the 3rd Street Promenade. I wanted to find a house that had lots of great amenities. I actually worked in financial services in the real estate industry so it was fairly easy to organize.

photo credit: FOX

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