SUMMER TCA 2012: The CW’s Rebel Arrow, A-Dork-able Doctor & Pretty Hot Beast!

By   |   July 31, 2012   |   Entertainment

TV DivaGal’s report from the The CW!

We totally know DivaGals around the nation will be watching Emily Owens, M.D., the story of a dorky doctor who now has to navigate high school mentalities at a hospital. And even though star Mamie Gummer is Meryl Streep‘s daughter, she admitted that, “I was, yes, a dork. I was not a cool kid in high school,” during the new series panel.

So what made Mamie separate from the cool kids, at least in her mind? “I did theater, you know, at a prep school in New England where the emphasis was more on, say, lacrosse. So that kind of set me apart,” she shared. Luckily in college at Northeastern University, lots of kids were into theater, so it “felt like a fraternity,” she shared.

If you’re worried that Jay Ryan’s (who is pictured above) beast isn’t hideous enough on the re-imagined series Beauty and the Beast (yeah, we know you’re not!), his character is more mentally beastly than physical. “It was more beastliness that was on the inside that was more interesting to us,” said execs. Adds Jay, “As we go along, that will become more apparent, and the beast will become much more dangerous.”

And yes, more beasts will pop up during the series. “There definitely will be big villains coming up. We’ve talked about there being other beasts, female beasts,” says the execs. We could think of a few people in Hollywood who could play that role. No makeup required!

As for Stephen Amell, who’s playing Arrow on the series of the same name, yes, that body seen doing pull-ups in the trailer is honestly earned thanks to parkour. “I trained ΓǪ at a spot called Freerunning Academy, and that was when the training became intensive, because it was all these muscles that I didn’t even know existed, let alone had used before.” And now, we’re glad to be acquainted with them as well!

The CW kicks off its season premiere week in October.

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